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Love him or hate him, this is interesting


Got my final model F caps today. This is pretty much end game for me unless a 1.75U stepped escape symbol key with a caps lock front legend gets made…



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Just stumbled across this interest check. I realize it’s not buckling spring, but I love the SSK look. I’d buy one even though it’s going to be regular Cherry MX style switches. Think all the colors look nice too.

Would look better if they ditched the blank badge though, imo.

I’d be sold if it ends up being hotswap and VIA compatible. [Edit: Just notice it says hotswap and VIA compatible in the specs.]

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Up for pre-order now:

The interest check link I’d posted originally is down now, so it’s hard to compare pictures from that with what’s on the pre-order page. It looks like the new images have the badge/logo area looking cleaner. It looked like a half baked idea previously being just a blank oval with a color that looked off in comparison with the rest of the case.

Finally got a hold of the elusive hot pink R1 unikorn!