Mechanical Keyboard Corner

I would like to try some “sculpted” key caps for my Moonlander. Currently it has the stock printed caps which are described as “OEM Row 3”. The only way to get sculpted from ZSA is to pay $120 for the blank key caps and shipping. This seems a bit steep for an experiment to see how much I like it.

Is there a vendor that will allow me to build a set of sculpted key caps? Don’t care if they are printed or not. Don’t really care about many details other than a color that goes ok with the black base and sculpted.

Need to be able to order each row in smaller numbers. Minimum of 14 caps per row. 5 Rows total.

Spending as little as possible is nice obviously but I don’t think I could justify more then $50 for an experiment.

If I can’t build a set then I may just buy a cheap set piece it together that way.

Yeah, I see a few on there, just not in the right colors. I am not looking for Racer Boy pink or Radiactive Green. lol

Should I use ethernet cable to wire my keyboard? I have a lot of multicore UTP and am using Amoeba Kings.

Probably overkill, but why not?

Wait, how does that even work?

Just USB more or less.

Sorry I’m talking about the wires between the keyswitch PCBs, not for the PC connection.

I heard some horror stories but 99% sure the problem was single core UTP which of course snaps when its bent too much (hence its use only for in-wall cabling).

It’s just copper.

I useed cat to power my doorbell with 24VAC and I also use it as speaker wire


Got my $10 key caps. Pretty hard to be at that price.


Man these things are finicky… I didnt even get to the LED daisy chain yet…


So damn finicky , took me an hour to get just the thumb cluster, probably 10% of the wiring is done.


Does anyone here have an alice layout keyboard? How is your experience with it?

Is it hard to return to a regular keyboard layout?