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They make a plain White led versions too.


Like this if your rocking your K90 from corsair still? It was my first mechanical keyboard and it is 5 years old!


Has anybody used both Cherry MX Clears and Zealios switches?

I can outfit a whole keyboard in Clears for $55, but the Zealios would be about $93. Are the Zealios really worth an extra $40?


I've never heard of them till you just mentioned them, and they look more or less like Cherry switches so... Maybe worth it? If you really like them I guess


Crap shoot currently.

Have a board with Gat clears, zealios but undercut by gateron who make zealio,s only ran for a short time before zeal asked them to stop selling his switches for half the price.

Have a switch tester with an MX clear. It is not too scratchy really. At least I do not notice it at all when switching between my linears of both cherry and gateron, I have to actually focus on it to notice and then it is gone again the minute I stop looking for it.

The crap shoot is Cherry finally replaced their moulds so they claim they are good as gateron again. Just not sure if they got round to the clears yet, or even if you can specify new batches when ordering them yet.

It would not be worth it for me. But they are smoother, just not enough for me to warrant the extra price of zealios.

The Gat clears were 50cent per switch compared to zeals at 1dollar so that was worth it.

However if you are going to be taking apart the switches before you install them you could lube the switches with some krytox, that would make them the same at the cost of time.


They're supposed to be about as smooth a switch as one can get. Tactile too, just like the clears.

I may just get Clears for simplicity's sake.


Well I mean if you want smooth switches above all else there is some vintage keyboards with esoteric/rare switches you can get, not sure if any of those are tactile though. Probably is at least one that is lol.
I would give examples but am on mobile atm so can't look them up, though you can probably search through deskthority as well so.
Also what @Zibob said.


Hi, I would like some help if at all possible. My k65 has stopped being detected b CUE and the top two lights are flashing. I've googlled around and it seems to be a bios issue and all the suggested solutions ( delete + reinstall drivers, reinstall cue, lots of unplugging and restarting, trying all the different bios switch settings ) haven't worked.

I can replace the keyboard but I don't want to be without my sweet browns for 2+ weeks. Does anyone know a solution that has evaded me?

Pic of my malfunctioning k65 and replacement ( going back to that will be fun...)


smoothest switch ever lol

coincidentally one of the rarer ones. Not tactile though.


I was all disappointed that I couldn't find MX Speed switches loose anywhere.

Turns out there are Kailh Speed switches in linear, clicky, and tactile.

Do want.


They are aka MX silver Iirc so that may help.


I've searched high and low for the MX Speed/Silver, including by part name on electronics sites, and have come up with nothing.

The Kailh's are interesting though because they have more types than just linear. Linear is just so boring.

EDIT: I should say nothing except desoldered switches from who knows where.


Yeah corsair had the exclusivity deal on Cherry Speed switches. They are on then open market now but very rare and usually desoldered like you said, they will have come from corsair board, ducky boards or possibly a handful scooped up in the factory before they hit the boards.

The khails are looking really nice now. Got bronze copper, gold and silver names for different switches. Massdrop was running a buy for them recently, probably A Reddit group buy for them was running recently but has ended now but they might start showing up on MechMarket soon and more shops.

Edit: They must be worth something, the Input:Club K-Type is using them as one of the primary options and the boards is no messing stuff.


Decided to get a wasd code tkl with blues to use as a work keyboard :smile:

I'm having second thoughts about blues, the clears sound temping. I haven't used either so I don't know!


Yo @w.meri those khail switches just hit massdrop. Perfect timing for you.


... shit. I just preordered some Coppers the other day from Mehkee. I suppose I'll actually get them before the summer is over though.

I also splurged on some Aristotle shenanigans because why not?


YES! The NPKC thick PBT blanks are back on massdrop.

I am getting two sets. Dark grey and white, comes with ISO keys like the big enter for me. I need some of the white keys for another bard missing a few and the same with dark grey. I can dye the rest of the white ones I am not using. I want to experiment to see if I can make lime green dye and if I can permanent marker legends onto PBT that will last.

Edit: I have a few sets of these from other buys. They are super good caps. And as above perfect for dying. Just if people are wondering what these are like.


A friend is looking for a cheap 10-keyless mechanical keyboard that has switches like browns. Ideally the F-keys have no spaces between them. I showed him a 60% but he needs the F keys. Any suggestions?


This could be fun for lesser used keys or a case.


Something like a 75%? Like this:

EDIT: A Drevo Gramr is $40 and this layout