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That's the thing, I kinda always need it since I'm in Excel or otherwise punching in numbers quite frequently. I could probably get away without the F-keys, but not a numberpad.

I was initially thinking of trying a TKL, but the whole numberpad thing again.

I did see this layout on the Red Scarf II on Massdrop and I think it's just about perfect. It's $138 for just the PCB and case though :frowning2:


I love that layout.

I have a compact 1800 and it is amazing, same as above but with a function row too, a full layout but only 1.5 keys wider than a TKL, was not cheap though, similar idea to the RedScarf.


The more I look at that Red Scarf layout the more I want it.

So expensive though.

If this keypad works out maybe that will be my next project.


Here is one that went up for a Group Buy interest check not long ago.

80 dollars US ish. 96 layout, milled acrylic case, reprogrammable PCB. Apparently the only bad 0art is the plate fr the switches is not great quality. This is what the group buy was to solve.

Edit: @w.meri it came back get on this shit. A more basic version case wise but the full 96 layout like the RedScarf. Go! Go! Go!



That article made my poker 3 sad.




Got the invoice, so I guess I'm committed now.

Just gotta figure out what keys I want and I should be good to go.


can anyone tell me what keyboard he is using here?

Note to self: Don't jump to conclusions so fast.

The green backlit one?
Looks like a Razr keyboard, you can see their crappy font that many keys share the same exact symbol in pairs.
Looking for keyboards with those slices in the front.

Okay found it!

Sorry for the misinformation right off the bat.
I was considering that one over a TKL since its about as small but includes a 10 Key.
Edited link since it led to the brown Pro M one which is not available. Seems that its only available in Reds from Amazon. Perhaps on Newegg there is the Blue and Brown switch versions.

Brown and Reds available on Newegg, blue says pre-release.


Thx. I was looking for keyboard with this comapct key layout.
And its RGB :frowning: ffs why


got it from wasd keyboards


nice but i need a numpad


ahh i don't numpad.
takes up too much space.


Hi there.

Where can I find good mechanical keyboards for a moderate price?


take a look at Mechnical Keyboards
they have a lot to choose from with moderate pricing
not sure what you're looking to spend


Thank you very much for the link.


What @Walter said but also Redragon Keyboards on Amazon are quite good for the price, if you like Blue switches. They run from $30-60 typically. I have one and its quite nice, (Redragon K552)


Thanks @Cavemanthe0ne that would be my price range.


I saw this one for the price and bought it, its a damn steal.

Pretty much blue switches, it is white backlit but that is fine since it goes well with my build. A few lighting modes and a couple programmable key lighting layouts.