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I like the layout of the Leopold FC980M. Only slightly larger than a TKL, but still has just about all the keys of a standard 104/105-key board.


@Zibob This looks just like what he wanted. I will pass on the information, thank you!

@w.meri The product you linked was apparently unavailable.


Looks like Discourse mangled up the link, as is the norm with Discourse.


Looks very nice but is way beyond his budget. I don't think he minds non-cherry switches.


I have had and used briefly black Outemu switches before, they are fine switches. Nothing to complain about with them, a little scratchy but so are/were cherries so meh. At this stage all the mainstream clones are as good or better than Cherry switches. I would not link untrustworthy switches.

The only reason I stopped using them was I as learning to solder so replaced the switches. I still have them for use in another project later.

I hope he enjoys the board, it is a pretty sweet layout. Though I always begrudge the lack of ISO, that is just a personal thing.


Found these off of a POS system... Might try modding this to work with one of my keyboards.



An interest check has gone up for a 96 key layout board that is very cheap and supports all the important things like ISO layouts and LEDs.

Coming in at less than 80 dollars + whatever shipping is to you, less that 100 dollars. You get the PCB, aluminium plate, plastic middle for lights, aluminium bottom plate, feet, cherry style stabilisers and the screws.

You can order it with gateron switches for a bit more or provide your own at no extra cost.

This is just about the perfect layout. All the keys of full size inclung numpad, deleted the gaps. Super nice.

I so want one but do not need another MX style board so can't justify it for my self right now, but I am so close to just buying it anyway. Almost too good to pass up.

They are expecting to be able to ship it a month after the buy finishes.

Theu said they will post their latest up to date info on this board on their twitter for anyone wanting to keep an eye on when it drops.

EDIT: The sandwich style case refers to the way it is put together, it will look similar to my CPSQ if people are wondering. Here is a pic of my keyboards case for reference.


My PCB and case are apparently being manufactured in China as of writing.

There was an inventory issue on the keys, so that ordered has been delayed a week or two (good customer service though).

So maybe everything will be good to go by early July or so?


While this seems not ready for prime time, I like the look of it.


My came today.
Really enjoying the clear switches. Can really feel the extra pressure needed to actuate. Typing faster on them already. Quieter than browns which should please my work mates.


This is exactly what I like, clean looks and impeccable build quality.


DasKeyboard Ultimate 4, Cherry MX Blues for me. Actually on my second one as the keycaps on my last one went that horrible shiny way after over a years of use.

No letters on the keys didn't take long to get used to (annoying something with the odd random symbol), blues sound and feel great to me and the built in USB3 hub is so useful. Build quality is also something else and no unnecessary lights etc.

If they could make the v.5 bluetooth (I'd happily lose the USB ports) that would be my dream keyboard.


The Group Buy for the YMD96 is up!

$68 (+whatever shipping is to you) for a
fully programmable,
compact full size,
RGB underglow,
in switch LED support,
aluminium plate (with switch top removal cut outs),
milled frosted acrylic mid section (for the rgb to shine through the case),
aluminium bottom plate,
cherry style stabilisers
and the screws

You supply the switches, or there is an option to get it with the switches for more.
You supply you own caps.

This is the layouts possible:

Imgur album of the prototype:

Crazy good deal, and pretty much the perfect fullsize layout.

Full details, order form and additional information in the reddit post below.


Do want.

it has a sushi key!


Wow, that was good timing I guess.

Kinda don't want to have to wait until August though.


The more I browse the more I don't understand the appeal of a 40% keyboard.
This basically sums it up...


I was waiting for something like this in 2013. Something with the short travel distance of a laptop keyboard, smaller profile of a laptop keyboard with mechanical keys.Ended up with a k70 and dealing with poor placement (Space restrictions) since the 10 keyless version wasn't fully mechanical.

Down the track decided I wanted MX blue/green instead of MX Reds and bought a KUL ES-87

A purely mechanical 10 keyless with no backlight LED's with a few good options with switches including rearranging some keys.
Initially wanted a CODE Keyboard

But at $300 USD at the time, It was too pricy and the KUL ES-87 is a great substitute.


Just enough keys to get online to the 40% keyboard circlejerk?


That's pretty kul.


new egg has a good deal


Clippy bits for your clacky bits.