Managed to use a nvidia tesla m40 for gaming in linux

Ok im in a hurry and i will use more detail when i have the time.

Have iommu or vt-d enabled with above 4g decoding.

Install manjaro linux proprietary driver option

No need to install drivers mhwd will install everything out of the box in my case my nvidia settings will have a titan Black part and the tesla m40.

No need to change compute mode in linux teslas not locked for compute Mode but instead are unlocked.

Install the package nvidia prime reboot

If you change the steam shortcut or any app you want to use on the tesla or just write this on a terminal steam will run any game in the tesla m4
prime-run steam | grep “OpenGL renderer”

If you want to run with you normal gpu just use steam or the normal comand.

Games run fine and you dont need to run them on a Window they run fine on full screen.

For the cooling i removed the shroud exposed the sink forcing some fins open with a knife and placed 2 8 size fans blowing on the sink. Can manage 50 c on load.

Ill put more detail here when i get more time.



can it support vulkan and run dxvk app ?

I tested doom vk thru steam proton experimental and did perfect. Ill test some more games today

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Works on garuda os as well

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Would you be able to test it for Ubuntu 20.04? Since im getting my hands on an NVIDIA A2 in a few weeks and curious to see if id be able to do something similar.

Nvidia prime exists in any distro so most probably it will work.

Ok after much tinkering i have managed to sort this.

I got a crappy old amd gpu for 15 dollars (ddr3) lol.

Used it on my second pci slot.

Manjaro linux automaticly installed the amd and nvidia optimus driver.

The gpu will automaticly use the crappy amd for low tasks and use the tesla m40 for gaming.

I installed optimus switcher and selected nvidia as the default gpu. Linux only uses the m40 "ignoring the amd card.

Unlike the Windows version you dont need to regedit hack to use the card for gaming in linux both modes are available out of the box.

Limitations? None

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