Major graphical errors

So I was playing bf3 on my gtx 550 ti for 15 mins, suddenly I had a lot of graphic issues and my PC shut down.. Turned it back on and windows user interface had a lot of graphical issues... I checked the weird resolution and it casnt even identify my monitor my PC is unusable... Is it the drivers 

Could be drivers, you tried reinstalling them? Tempretures is a possibility too. Check those first.

i have checked the tempartures and they are fine. I have removed and installed the drivers again!! but i still get these white lines across my monitor? 

take the graphics card out, clean the pci slot, clean the card and fan then reseat the card. If you still have the white lines then you may be looking at a busted card.

I might try and test my radeon 5450.

What should i clean it with?

compressed air or just your fingers and breath :) (you just wanna make sure the gold strips are dust free and clean the heatsink+fan). Do it gently tho treat it like a fine woman =D

ok so i got rid of the horizontal lines on the gtx 550!!!! but the graphics card doesnt detect a monitor conencted so i get 600 x 800 resolution i think and the colours are messed up, i think there are only 16 colours :/ now what?

have you just gone to the nvidia drivers and reset your preferences? if it just acts up try reinstalling your drivers again but do a fresh clean install and remove all the old preferences

okay well before our conversation, i tried reinstalling the drivers clean install and 1/6 things installed which was the nvidia driver the 3D and physics stuff didnt

if youve already got the latest drivers downloaded do a manual uninstall through add/remove programs, start with the nvidia update 3d stuff the psyx and finally the drivers. then install it again

EDIT: If you have an nvidia chipset be careful not to remove those drivers

i cant do that now ( soo late ) but what if i get an error ( likely )

you shouldnt get an error to be honest, but if you do let windows install the default driver, in which case you will atleast have a screen so you can post back up here for help :)

ok will do, fyi im using my tablet or laptop for tek syndicate as it is beast........... windows install the default?

yeah windows has some default files for the 550ti, so it will install some generic version for the card so it can work at better resolutions etc. Once you remove the nvidia drivers tho all you need to do is install the drivers you downloaded and it should all install fine. The windows drivers are there incase of an emergency only really.

where can i get these windows drivers

they are already in windows you dont need to do anything.

OK today inturned on the PC and I have the horizontal lines again and messed up resolution going to switch out my gtx 550 with my radon 5450


OK today inturned on the PC and I have the horizontal lines again and messed up resolution going to switch out my gtx 550 with my radon 5450


OK so this is interesting the other GPU is working as good as new !!! So what's wrong with the 550? Busted ? Drivers