Main Rig (in progress)

Building my main rig. you are more than welcome to add your own ideas for your dream machine, I'd appreciate your input. I'm not a tech genius so help and tips are welcome (8k budget).

If I was just told "here is $8,000 it is only good towards PC parts for one month, then it is gone.  I may burn it this way.

I completely forgot about the R9 series, that's a good build. I never needed that much storage, and if I do get a large amount of storage, I want to move exclusively to SSDs. thanks for the input.


I don't know if I should wait for the DDR4 and all the new tech to come out and just build a monster. I'm really tempted right now. the budget is 8k but 9/10 will also work.

maybe 295x2 and a 290x ( the vapor x model ) ?

Because quandfire is actually weaker in quite a few secenarios.


-I would get the H220x

-500gb ssd ( samsung 850 pro , it will last a looong time ) 

-if you want 4K then get those , if you want gaming get surround 144hz 1ms asus monitors , they have a tiny bezel.

-Love that case

-get the ax1200i or one of the newer ones , they have AMAZING customer support , and you only need 1200 w if you get 290x quadfire .

-if you have that mutch cash to spend , maybe get noctua industrials , they are ballin and MUTCH quieter than the sp 120's ( i compared the sp 120's to normal nf-f12's ) .


You really don't need more than 8K total.

If you want total WC , maybe contact someone like JayZTwoCents or Digital storm ( OR do it yourself ) .

If you can , wait but you will probably not get that mutch more power for the same price .

I would get this.

The 144hz is for gaming , if you want 3 get 3 or you can get just 1 4K.

Add the case + OS also.

this maybe?

Great info, thanks guys.

And yeah, all the fans on the cooling sys and the case will be Nactua. I will probably go with 2 GPUs (water cooled) and a single 4k monitor, with 2 normal 1080.

Titan black's are sort of useless ...

Are you willing to Water Cool ?

If so , then we can go ham :D

Oh yes! please, GO HAM!!!! But I hate SLI and CF, I like it elegant but also METAL! and I really only want SSDs. 10k max budget, I assume we can go pretty ham. 

Are you american / european / russian / asiatic ?

That makes a huge difference , 8K $ =/= 8K € =/= 8K yen xD

European, but 8k in $ 

I wish I could get a gaming PC with 8,000  ¥ :) 

8K $ = 5 970 Euros.

A guy came on here one and was like "I NEED A GAMING PC FOR 22K"

So we argued a bit , and then he said "No , I mean 22k yen of course" xD


I'l make the lists on german sites , they always have the best prices , just count in about ~60€ shipping.

I can go as high as 10k $ which is 7,5k in 

Ok , so for a budjet of 6K euros including transport of 100€ to wherever you are , I would get :

CPU : i7 4930k REASONING : 6 cores overclockable , the more expensive ones have no advantages. X79.

Motherboard : Asus Rampage IV Black Edition REASONING : Black , amazing , good , asus .

RAM : 64GB Kingston BEAST Reasoning : Black , 64 GB , fast , Beast.

GPU : I know you hate CF/SLI , but a single card is sort of weak for your budget. 

R9 290x Reasoning : 3 of em' , better than anything .4GB of vram for 4K.

PSU : Corsair AX1500i Reasoning : I think it's a bit expensive , but it's the best money can get.

Storage : 850 pro samsung 1TB Reasoning : 1tb is enough , blazing fast , if you need more maybe get a hard drive .

€ 4.883,05 
Now for case , watercooling .

I am fascinated with that ASUS.

Do you have a prefered case / one that tickles your fancy ?

And colors ? I'm doing black , but do you want another colour in the build ?