Made my 780ti better than a GTX 980ti by 500 points :)

for all you haters of the GTX 780ti My 780ti gets a 3D graphics mark of 11500 and the GTX 980ti gets 11100

also i can get GTA V maxed out except MSAA at 1080p. including distance scalling to the max.

what did you do to it?

So you overclocked it? Couldn't you just over lock the 980ti as well to beat your 780ti? I'm not 100% sure what your getting at with this?

well becuase some people called my Gigabyte 780ti a "low end" card" so i said chalange excepted.

i OCed it from 875Mhz to 1210Mhz lol

I don't know of many people calling a 780 Ti a low end card. It was the fastest thing around when it was released and still holds its own today.

I've never heard someone call a 780ti a low end card.

people that pick on us consumers cause they have titan X's lol

I would recommend not listening to them since thier turds for saying other people's stuff sucks.

This people are just butthurt they spent $1K+ on a GPU then nVidia released the same card for $600 a month later.

They are so butthurt. Grats on the OC though. Tell such people to go do their proper research. Any sane or well read person would never say that a 780ti (OCed or non-OCed) is a low end card. We can't even consider a 480 (yes, I have access to one) is a low end card, mid-range yeah, low end? Hell naw.

A 480 kind of is a low end card now. I mean it's only 1.5gb of vram. I'm not saying it sucks I'm sure it still plays some games decently. But calling it a mid range card is a bit of a stretch.

And it doubled as central heating/firestarter in times or emergency... And while playing quake.

I found my 7970 was the same way. Kept the room warm in winter and when I got hungry I would stick a pop tart on top of it.

I'd have to disagree. It is capable of playing Borderlands 2 at fairly high settings at around 60FPS. While the thermal issue is pretty obvious (even more obvious in a mini-itx case), it is by no means a low end card. A low end card (if you asked me) is more along the lines of a 440, something that has no chance at pushing modren games.

Even now the 480 is on par with my 650Ti Boost, which is also a mid level card and also about 50C cooler

I totally agree that it can still play some games pretty well. Even though it doesn't take much to run borderlands. I think we both just have different ideas as what's in what range. To me a 960 is a mid range card and everything beneath that is low end.