Made my 780ti better than a GTX 980ti by 500 points :)

Yeah, understandable. I pulled out the Borderlands 2 bench because that was the only game we felt comfortable running in my friend's rig, it got so hot it started to cook his wifi and cause network issues, so we just stopped there. Would have done things like Bioshock and Battlefield if it weren't so scary.

Borderlands 2 on a modern standpoint is not hard to run but physx is quite a killer on older hardware.

photoshop is a helluva benchmark

780ti is not a low end card at all......but i got my 980ti to a boost clock of 1596 and my mem is at 4k. I can run GTA V at very high settings on 4k which is nice. I got a 17k on fire strike and a 9500 on firestrike extreme. Nothing to impressive but they are both good cards.

Not sure what your exaly point is, with an openings context like this?
780Ti is still a good card.

I believe you meant to say this.

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yes that what ment lol