LV1 KVM Port2 USBC Out Troubleshooting

Hi there,

I have the 2 Port Quad Video DP1.4 model with 10gb USBC outputs.

I’m just getting everything set up and I’m having an issue where my USB3 devices are all recognized on Port1 but not on Port2. (All my DP connections and HID connections work properly on both ports.)

Initially I had my desktop PC Windows10 / Ubuntu LTS 22.04 dual boot on Port1 and MBP M1Pro with MacOS Monterey on Port2. I tried physically switching all the cables from Port1 into the Mac to see if its a cable problem, however all the devices work with MacOS when using Port1.

So basically all of my devices are recognized on all my OS’s when using Port1, but only DP and HID are recongized when using Port2.

Any suggestions? Happy to provide a full list of devices I’m using if that’s relevant/helpful for troubleshooting.

Thank you

@wendell should be able to help

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Maybe the usb3 follow hotkey?

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Dooh! That solved my problem, thank you!