Looks like persistent l2arc is nearly here on ZFS

I wanted to share this here… I’m really excited for this, I think it’s going to be a big feature for desktop linux zfs adoption. After years of waiting it’s just around the corner


I’m excited about persistent L2ARC but what does it have to do with desktop Linux?

Everything honestly. I use ZFS for everything. Root filesystem, home dirs, file storage, literally everything. l2arc is great for servers as they almost never reboot, so that cache stays there for a long time, but desktops generally get rebooted often. If it stayed cached all of the time, after you reboot, you still have it’s benefit VS having to wait for it to populate again. For anyone that likes optane caches in Windows, Imagine that for linux with a setup on ZFS with l2arc on the optane drive, and now a reboot won’t destroy your cache every time.

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I’ve been excited to hear about this since Saso (saszo?) started this, but keep loosing track of development, so Thanks!
I didn’t realise Lundman was taking time off his Mac and Windows porting to work on this too? Even more cool!

I adjusted the tag and category a little bit for you @bobthewonderdog but thanks for posting!

I am looking forward to consolidating my flash and rust pools on my gaming PC

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