Looking to get started with Linux KVM setup and GPU pass through looking toward 7950X

Looking for links/videos to read up on in prep for launches.

Looks like RDNA 3 is available in Nov, but full systems are avaiable in mid Oct. Thinking about running on the 2CU in the IO die until this gen graphics are available. Would like to run on linux and pass through to Steam OS or Windows 10/11 for gaming. What kind of challenges am I looking at? What potential performance am I losing by passing through to VM? What is the state of the world in sharing the GPU these days?

All advice, analysis, direction welcome.

There are many topics on the forum with the tag “Wikis & How-to Guides”.

I think it’s worth mentioning that GPU passthrough to a VM isn’t a fully supported feature, so I’d expect some bugs and issues in early motherboards. At the very least I’d wait a few weeks to see what boards people are seeing success on.

Steam on linux can use Proton to play windows games, and supports all the games that SteamOS supports. So you can use that as a stop gap if GPU passthrough doesn’t work for you.

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