Looking to buy a stock FX 8xxx cooler

I know, I know. Stock coolers are junk. But do you know what's even more junk than the stock fx 8xxx cooler? The stock fx 6xxx cooler! Haha. Which just so happens to be what I'm putting together for a friends budget build.

He has a rather compact case, and most low profile cpu coolers for whatever reason seem to be more expensive than the giant blocks.

I did come across this http://www.avadirect.com/FX-Series-CPU-Cooler-Socket-AM3-AM3-AM2-AM2-Copper-Aluminum-125W/Product/7553572 I thought "Great! 9 dollars is a good, cheap price, and it's a step up from the non copper plated no heatpipe having fx 6 stock cooler" but my excitement was quickly murdered when I went to checkout.

Nearly 20 dollar shipping, turning it into a 30 dollar stock cooler.

Does anyone know anywhere that you can buy just the stock cooler itself at a reasonable price? Preferably around 10 dollars, considering it is just stock and most people never even bother to use them.

I did check ebay, but they were still quite pricey. All around 20 dollars.

Just throwing this out there: If anyone has one of these I'd be willing to take it off your hands and give it a home! Haha.

what about buying a cooler master hyper evo 212 have you checked the price of that or not? im not sure if you could get a stock cooler because most people would through them out

Unfortunately his case is rather cramped and couldn't fit a 212. I know the brand of it, it's unmarked, but it's a very basic case. Little bigger than micro, but not quite fullon mid.

Cheapest I can find..With five minutes of looking..I will edit the post if I find one cheaper..Are you in the US??

Well it seems $15 is the cheapest you can get, for a stock fx cpu cooler..

Maybe you should, or you should get your mate to, make a build a pc topic and we can put together a rig that won't need this terrible stock cooler :P

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Yeah, I'm in the USA. Thanks for your link.

The build is already done. He doesn't want to overclock, so stock would be enough. I just wanted to see if there were any cheaper alternatives like the fx 8 coolers for sale, since the fx 6 doesn't have copper plating or heatpipes. No biggie though.

I've built systems with both and the stock cooler for the 4300, 6300, and 8300 series is all the same. The e variant is ever so slightly smaller


I have a spare stock cooler; it even has the stock thermal interface material still on it.

Shoot me a private message, and we can work something out.

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If you have some money around... http://www.noctua.at/main.php?show=productview&products_id=50&lng=en

Some other options, around 40 bucks




30 bucks, short as hell, push pull fans. Keeps my phenom cold (33C idle, 38-42-44 under loads).

Bonus: I didn't even know they were PWM fans.

I have these 2 old coolers. I dont remember what cpu they were on but if you want one let me know. Pay the shipping and I will get them to you.


Just wanted to say thanks again for shipping those out to me, Hate. It's a big help.

Calculatron: I really appreciate you also being willing to help me out with the fans, but I got ahold of hate first. I messaged in order of which message I saw first (read from bottom to top haha) and got a reply from him before I had a chance to message you. I sincerely do appreciate it though, you guys had exactly what I was looking for.

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Ha the cooler on the left was from the first Phenom X4s. God they can be noisy.

No problem!

I first read this and was like "I have one of those" but then I was like "No wait I put it on my fx-6300 in my steam box".

Made things much quieter.

Anyone have any info on which of those two coolers is the better performer when it comes to cooling? Not too concerned with the noise. He's shipping me both. I've read elsewhere that the older swirled blade fan cooled better, but the shorter fanned one was the newer one, and it seems odd that they would go a step backwards in a new design.

The older coolers worked better, but were a tad louder as a result. The Phenom X4s required all the cooling they could get. :P

So go with the swirled?