Looking to buy a stock FX 8xxx cooler


Cool cool. Thanks for your replies everyone.

Along with these I have to also recommend this since I just got it and played around with it today
Keeps my 4.4 overclocked i5 3570k idling at like 40c and Running cinebench 56c

If that was within his budget, that looks like that would be a great low profile cooler.

That's why I replied it to Streetguru, who was posting $40 options. Just in case he can sum up the extra dollar and you wanted a few more options. :)

Well, crap, I just bought a cooler for my 8320 and could have sent you this one. I even found an old AM2 fan I am using for an exhaust.

This might be a bit late, but ArcticFreezer 11LP is a cute little cooler.
Warning: Will not work on AMD-sockets

That is a cute little guy, haha. I do have a question about that one: Besides the difference in color scheme, that looks almost no different than the stock amd coolers (the ones that have the heatpipes, not the plain aluminum) and that has mostly all positive reviews. What sets that apart to be so good while most people deem the stock trash?

@draydince If you mean the Freezer11LP, I f´ed up. Arctic seems to have done a rework on the mounting of it so it no longer works with AMD.
The Alpine64 pro seems to be the "new" boxed replacement. No idea if that thing is decent enough to be called good.