Looking for the right Linux

I do not have a whole lot of info about Linux I was thinking Ubuntu, I am about to give my current Pc to a Friend mine since I am deployed soon, made a deal all he had to do is buy a new HDD and OS, I am looking into Linux to save hime some money and BTW he isn't that tech savoy might just buy windows but still want to try to find something

hes just using it as a standard duty PC with no gaming, porteus in KDE is pretty easy to get the hang of. he could actually run the computer off of a flash drive without getting a HDD with porteus.

arch linux master race

OpenSuse Gnome or KDE or Cinnamon

arch is great, and i love it.

but it is FARRRRR from "grunt proof"

none power users will find navigating even precompiled distros like manjaro a bit too comfusing

I think he mentioned doing minor games such as WOW

what i would do is get porteus on a flashdrive and play around with it for a few weeks. he can also try different GUIs at will with porteus making it "intro to linux friendly"

then buy a decent SSD for a hard drive and have him do research on arch and openSUSE and deside which he likes.

Try elementary OS... clean "mac osx" type feel, smooth, fast even on old and crappy machines.
Honestly cannot stress how great it really is.
They are currently in beta but its still surprisingly stable.
Get it Here!

Ok cool, mine machine was built for gaming anyways

if your a noob in the world of linux.. i recommend "UBUNTU" just because its user friendly

Just go with windows. If you aren't familiar with an OS don't give it to someone who isn't either

If your buddy just wants to game on it save yourself the headache and just pick up a cheap windows key.

Yea I was just thinking about that, if I wasn't being Deployed I'd go with Linux, thanks for the help, where would I look for cheap Windows keys?

deepin is real nice. simply clean and comes with what you need. opensuse gnome, ubuntu. i kinda like ubuntu gnome's environment better.

deepin website

ubuntu gnome website

openSUSE website

Maybe I should have posted this before if you haven't gone to these sites already.

If he isn't that good with computers I might suggest Ubuntu or Mint. Both are very user friendly and have the needed tools to do basic spreadsheets/word tasks. The install is pretty painless as well.

I just resently switched to arch and I'm loving it.

Agree - I think Linux Mint was my easiest system - I used it exclusively on my laptop for almost a year.

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Arch is a great system but from my experience it's not a good distro for a newbie to Linux. But by all means if you want to give it a shot go for it!

Guys, read the category introductory post that's pinned up on top.

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use the search functions for it.

But yeah when you get back from deployment hit me up I will give you a hand with Linux. Vets helping vets :)

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