Looking for THE BEST Fps

As you can tell by my name I always look for the best, and haven't found an FPS that suits my needs fully. 

Counter Strike is for turtles

Quake is only fun in CA and 1v1 and can't deal with downies in CA and not full blown pro so 1v1 isn't much fun 

Cod on a high skill level becomes more a a chore of a game 

TF2 pony fag fest 

Only big fps's i've played that I can thing of right now, 2 fps's i'm thinking might be contenders for THE BEST is unreal tournament or Crysis (1 - 3)  but i've never played either. 

Any suggestions? 

Is it necessary for you to insult something by saying its for "fags?"

Try Planetside 2, or Hawken. 


Are you not able to articulate your thoughts without ostracizing a group of people?  If so, please don't articulate your thoughts at all.

There's a reason those are free to play 

How did I not articulate my thoughts? What do you not understand about my post.

Yes, because Free to Play is a really good business model.

Also, your speech relies on poor insults to criticize something. The way you articulated your "thought" was through insulting people who play Team Fortress 2. It was a very poor choice of words on your part. 

We understand your post just fine, we're just calling you out on being immature about how you chose to express yourself.

When did I say that you didn't articulate your thoughts?

if your so "pro" play some blacklight retribution... or rise of the triad if it's out yet. they are both made on the unreal engine and both fast paced... or warface which is made on the cry engine same as the crysis games.... also don't be such a leetist bitch with remarks like "downies" "turtles" and fags.... that's just plain shitty and sub-human

Planetside 2 is probably the best team based shooter I've played.  Though you seem to have a pretty crummy attitude so you aren't going to have much fun no matter where you go.


Good luck with that.

Free to play is a smart business model for games that would fail if sold for a flat price. 

Sorry read your post wrong the first time. And not really. Since I was stating the reason why those games are not fun to me, and that is the reason with tf2, spam fest and 99% of people on there are pony fags that just want to chuckle at their own shitty inside joke about my little pony. No Bueno 

Flew right over your head.

^_^ can't wait for the new rise of the triad , I tried a couple matches of Blacklight and it seemed like Cod meets CS no Bueno, and I tell it like it is

I only have a bad attitude from these games because most of them are great games, but are ruined by a couple shitty things. Planetside 2 is glorified over advertised  Mag, which was a great game and could have been amazing on pc BUT

I'm just going to do this short break down for you so you understand us:

Its totally cool that you hate a game. Nobody cares, hate whatever game you want. We are trying to explain to you that the way you decided to criticize those games and the people who play it, is really shitty. Its immature of you throw the word "fag" around as an insult. This community is not a place for jerk attitudes like that. You don't seem to understand the complexity of what you did wrong here.

Like I said in the previous post, most of those games are good but I can't enjoy them most of the time since I run into the little thing that makes the game completely un-fun. 

And as i've said a million times before. 

Fag isn't an offensive word. Everyone here like to act like a self righteous ass hole. If you think fag is offensive because it belittles a type of person, than you are the one in the wrong for thinking that way. Thats not how I think.


Unfortunately for you, how you think is not how others think. 

Just because you and a bunch of people say fag isn't an offensive word doesn't magically change the fact that the word fag is used on a daily basis to belittle, insult, and discrimate against lgbt people. Also, how are you gonna tell me that fag isn't an offensive word when you're trying to insult people by using it? No ones gonna feel insulted if you use a word like "friend." People use insults to offend. And thats just what you did.

GG no RE 

You used the word in a belittling manner and yet you're saying it isn't offensive?

I lolled.  Using words that ostracize a group of people, such as fag, directly reflects upon your maturity and respect for others.  If your trying to tell my that the word fag, or faggot isn't a pajoritive, then A) you live in the late 1800's before the word was instantiated as a derogatory term or B) your ignorant.  Pro tip, if you want help or advice, don't be a dick while asking for it.

Take a browse through this page.

I'll just leave this here.