Looking for Socket G2 ITX Motherboards

Hello.,I happen to have a couple old socket G2 I7 2670QM processors. I'm wondering if anyone on this forum is aware of any cheap boards like this one.

I'm looking to probably make a sort of cheap htpc/gaming machine. I'm not worried about onboard video as i'd be using some sort of GPU in the PCIE slot. I'm just curious to see if anyone has come across anything better or similar. I'm also curious about the bottleneck these old mobile I7's might cause on something like a GTX 1060 or a rx480.

Portwell, Supermicro, BCM and Kontron are really the only ones who made anything like that, so scan ebay for their stuff. The Portwell WADE-8321(the one you linked) is honestly going to be the cheapest you'll find unless somebody posts a Kontron QM67 for $150.

Don't worry about bottlenecks. Even mobile sandy-bridge is going to have plenty of performance to keep up with a 1060 or 480.

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I kind of figured. Now all I need to figure out is some sort of heatsink and fan. The one that comes with this board seems kinda puny. Not sure if that thing would be sufficient.

When you consider the size of the heatsinks in most laptops, that cooler they include is like a Hyper 212 in comparison.


Not cheap though.