Looking for LGA2011 mob with at least 8 sata ports, and an M.2 slot

hey yall. im thinking of upgrading the board in my home server so i can expand storage a bit easier. right now, it has 8 sata ports, and no M.2 slot. im using 6 of the sata ports currently (4 for an array, 1 for a stand alone storage drive, and one for boot) i want to increase my available capacity without having to jump to bigger drives.

do you have any recommendations for boards i should look at?


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This board is pretty much unobtanium these days, but this guy has 10 SATA ports and two NVMe m.2 slots

You could also grab an SAS HBA and add 8 more ports that way, they’re widely available on eBay.


I go this way, but OP should be aware that sas to sata cables are also required.

And I should be aware this is not Actually what the OP was asking for, but…

I would recommend “the art of server” EBay shop (and YT channel)

Selling Something like these:

And cables like this:


i am aware of HBA’s. for my current purposes though, im looking to change out the board.

i see what you mean by unobtanium. luckily i found some boards that fit my bill after messing with my search criteria a bit. thanks for the help though.

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there’s a lot of “salvage” x99 boards out there from China, basically put together with weird components removed from non working boards. they always seem to lack a generous amount of DIMM slots for some reason. I guess DIMM slots are expensive, both for the slot, and more-so routing all those traces.