Looking for an affordable 4-way 4k output multiviewer

Hey guys trying to piece together a new solution for my work place and I’m trying to find a 4 system multiviewer. It will connect to various desktops and then hook up to a 4k monitor so each quadrant is 1080p. The catch is I need 8 for a reasonable price and that’s the problem the only ones I’ve seen are $2k a piece which would put me at $16k seems a bit crazy… I need it to be less than half of that. I’m open to creative solutions what are your guys thoughts?

I don’t have a complete picture of your config, but the LG 43" is 4k and will do a PiP type thing with 4 1080 quadrants.

How many workstations are mapped to the each monitor? Is it just 4 (1 for each quadrant) or are you looking for some sort of 4+ in/4 out kvm switch?

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Just 4 one for each quadrant. That monitor looks really awesome! Does it come in smaller sizes though? Trying to put one on top of another so the ideal size would be like 32-34. 43 inch will put us into the ceiling which is less than ideal

I don’t know of a smaller one, although much smaller and the 1080 quadrants might be difficult to read from a distance.

Dell also makes a 43" display with similar capabilities. L1 did a video on it once. It is slightly more expensive, but I recommend it over the LG (which I own). The LG has an issue where the right and left-most 1/8th of an inch fades to black. I find it annoying. You lose about 1 letter in a terminal windows that is aligned to the screen. I believe the Dell is also brighter. The LG is somewhat dim, especially in a brightly lit room.


Okay I’ll keep that in mind but would still like one smaller. The issue is with the 43 inchers stacked vertically it’ll be an ergonomic nightmare. There will be people sitting in front of these about 2 feet away

Yeah, I guess just see it anyone else knows of a smaller monitor with similar features. I agree that stacking them vertically would be kind of absurd to look at. I’m assuming side-by-side is not an option.

Is this for surveillance or something else?

This is for a system testing setup I work for avadirect.com were similar to companies like Cyberpower and maingear. And yes side by side is not an option due to the type of setup

does pnp


that will be $200 in ava credit for doing your work for you

$560 or $750 a pop (cheaper is VA more expensive is IPS, would prob do IPS up top and VA on the bottom)

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@SoulFallen notice me senpai

is that ok or you need more options

Just got home give me a minute I’ll sit down and look it over thank you

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I’m giving you a $200 upcharge i’m not sure how these help me at all. Reeeeeeeee!!!

Maybe you misunderstood? to clarify.

We already have 4k monitors only going to part with them if we can get monitors with a quad display built in elsewise need to find cheap 4k quad multiviewers or something that can accomplish that same goal.

the displays have quad display built in

Be careful if you’re considering the 43’’ 4K because there is backlight misalignment on the edges which means at certain angles, the backlight is not lighting up the pixels on the very edge of the display. VA panels tend to not have this issue.

43" is to big per op

Highly recommend the VA anyways because VA has better native contrast ratio and better reaction times.

Its for work so dont think response time etc are super important (could be wrong)

How? They only have 3 inputs

Type C

Oooo… That could get tricky but might be workable

yep mainly target toward laptop users