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Looking for a x570 Mobo

I have a ryzen 3900x and I am looking for an x570 mobo. I plan on overclocking so I need the mobo to be able to handle that and not kill the vrm. I was looking at the Gigabit auros elite or the taichi x570 but they are both sold out. Any ideas on what I can get thats in stock?


What is your budget?

Get the MSI X570 Tomahawk. Case closed.

Edit: Oh wait, it’s not in stock. My bad.

$300 before tax is as high as I would want to go. But I dont want to pay extra for a board thats typically cheaper because they are scarce either.

Ya…thats been my dilemma. Everything out of stock lol. Or people are trying to sell the same board for $100 or $200 more than it costs.

Yeah unfortunately not every where available yet.

Honestly, I know it’s hard, but just try and wait it out? You should never pay above MSRP no matter what.

The Gigabyte X570 Aorus Master is likely above budget?
That board has all the bells and whissles you would need,
and also one of the best vrm implementations on x570.

The Msi X570 Tomahawk is a new board from Msi,
and it is a great board in terms of the vrm implementation.
In terms of connectivity features it has a bit less.

Other decent boards.

  • Asus X570-E Strix. Decent vrm, and good set of usb and lan connectivity features.

  • Msi X570 MEG Unify. Personally not a huge fan of this particular board,
    because of it´s realtek lan instead of intel.
    But other then that, it has a great vrm and okay feature set.

  • Asus x570 Tuf Gaming plus. decent vrm,
    but again realtek lan.
    And a bit bare bones on features.

  • Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite. decent vrm, but a bit bare bones,
    in terms of features.
    Not generally a board that i would personally pair with a topend cpu.
    Because of that.

  • Gigabyte X570 Aorus Pro wifi.
    Decent vrm, but again not the most feature rich board.

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Ok…I guess I could go $50 higher.

What do you think about the ASRock X570 TAICHI

Decent choice, can’t really go wrong with that.
It has a good vrm 12 phases for Vcore (6 doubled),
And Vishay Sic634 Drmos powerstages.
This vrm runs a little bit hotter then boards,
with Intersil or IR powerstages.
However even when overclocking a 3900X,
the vrm temps on the Taichi are still within the safe margin specs of the powestages.
So generally not really much to worry about.

If you could afford the Gigabyte X570 Aorus Master,
then by all means go for it.
Because that is pretty much the most complete board out there,
withing a reasonable price tag around 300 to 350.
It has a true 12 phase vrm for Vcore, with IR3556 50A powerstages.

Msi X570 Unify same vrm as the MEG ACE.
Vcore 6 phases doubled to 12 with IR3555 60A powerstages.
The MEG ACE has intel lan instead of realtek.
However price wise at least in my country,
it costs the same as the Aorus Master from Gigabyte,
which is a better board in every other way.

Well it looks like the Aorus Master is it. Since I have to wait anyways. Thanks for the info. Really helpful

Yup when you want to start overclocking,
then the Master is a really great board.
Not that the cheaper boards like the Aorus Elite,
cannot do it.
But the Aorus Elite does lack features like post code readout,
or even troubleshoot led’s.
And yeah at the cheaper price points there are always some compromises to be made.

The Msi X570 Tomahawk in that regard,
is pretty much the best 200 dollar board,
in terms of the vrm implementation.
However it needs to be in stock.

So yeah if you could life with slightly less connectivity in terms of usb.
Then the Msi x570 Tomahawk is pretty much the best,
bang for buck you can find around 200 bucks.
Like @CybeastRaystriker also mentioned above.
Vrm is really good, ISL69247 pwm in 6+2 phase mode,
Vcore section is a 6 phase doubled to 12 using isl6617 doublers.
and intersil 99360 60A smart powerstages.
This is really highend stuff.

But if you want a board with allot of features as well.
Then i would still recommend the Aorus Master.

But of course in terms of overclocking Ryzen in general,
Ryzen doesn’t particulary overclock really well.

Well this board is just going to be in a gaming rig. So Im not doing too much on that PC besides gaming.

However, I do plan on upgrading my unraid server to a ryzen 3900x as well. That will run plex, sonarr, radarr, sabnzbd, etc. So maybe I should save the Aorus Master for that and go with the Tomahawk for my gaming rig?

Well honnestly, i don’t really think that a board,
like the Aorus Master is really going to be the best economical,
choice for server related stuff.
Because the Master has allot of gaming related features,
that you generally don´t really use with that type of use case scenario’s.
I mean in that regards something like a cheaper Asrock X570 Taichi,
might be a more economical choice.

Or maybe the Asus WS X570 pro ace,
for server of workstation type workloads.

For a gaming rig, the Master or Tomahawk,
just compair the features that you would like to have.
And when the Tomahawk covers you basic needs.
Then at 200 bucks you cannot go wrong with it.
If just need more usb connectivity etc,
then the Master is right there for you. :slight_smile:

I can’t even find a site that lists the x570 tomahawk anyways. So i dont even know if it will be a viable option anytime soon.

Yup unfortunately same problem in my country,
not available yet.
Unfortunately allot of delays because of covid19.

Tbh, I’d start with what’s in stock and then narrow it down from there.

I ordered an x570 board 2 weeks ago and it just shipped.

The problem is that I looked at whats in stock…and Im really not impressed. Its either way out of my price range…, is overpriced, or will have a problem with overclocking.

Yeah, that’s probably why they’re still in stock…

@mutation666 has the Taichi if you have any questions about it.

How long are willing to wait?

Well it looks like I will have to wait until about June. All my parts are sitting in a box waiting on this motherboard. Its killing me, honestly. I feel like they are judging me for neglecting them.