Longest game you have ever played?

What is the longest game you have ever played? For me, Xenoblade is the longest, and so does everyone else who has played the game. I think this says it all http://www.howlongtobeat.com/game.php?id=11401

Longest in terms of story, or longest in terms of time we've invested? I have played more than 2500 hours of Dwarf Fortress, but I spent the longest playing the story of Fallout 3. I did every. Single. Quest.

FFXI close to 500 days of playtime.

Longest in terms of story or you may say in terms of content.

Longest time spent on a game story wise would have to be persona 3 put in about 140 hours and also armored core 2 been playing that game regularly since 2000

Civ V plus expansions never seems to end.

Racked up 4400 hours on COD:World at War

Ragnarok Online, played it for about 4 years.

dragon warrior VII is pretty long

also they are remaking it for the 3DS

Hmm that would be dragon quest VIII journey of the cursed king for ps2. God I loved that game and grinding slimes. Maybe I've spent some more time in oblivion/skyrim but enjoyed my time with dragon quest a lot more. Ah and can't forget pokemon. Pretty sure that would win. Over 200 hours on my yellow.

In terms of playtime, it's a close tie between Diablo 2 and Halo 3 multiplayer. Entire summers went into Diablo 2, likewise with Halo 3 custom games, because I was younger it just never got boring I could play day in and day out non stop and not get bored at all.

Wow, suddenly I don't think I'm as much of an avid gamer looking at the above replies. 

Longest I've played was a total of just under 600 hours with Kingdom Hearts 2 across all my files. Console game, I know, but I will purchase a console for a final fantasy or kingdom hearts game.  

Playtime wise, I have about 900 hours in CS 1.6. Then another 400 in League of Legends.

As far as story games so, I'd have to say the longest game I have played is Shadow of Colossus with around 140 hours. FFIX is slightly behind with 110ish hours.

Playtime wise, I've played Trackmania Nations just above 2000 hours over the years.

Oblvion. Between all of my saves on PC and Xbox i have over 500 hours.

Life  [not the board game]

I used to play a lot of Halo on the Xbox and I have invested about 2.5k multiplayer matches along with who knows how long in the campaign.

Aion best MMO PVP IMO, 3000 hours over a course of 4 years. Just recently quit due to the high amount of pay 2 win.

2 years of actual playtime for me. I started playing it only a year after it was released for the PS2 and only quit playing 3 years ago only after switching to the PC version with the same account.

I played Supreme Destiny/With Your Destiny for 6 years. I was the highest ranked player for about a month and then quit.

Around 200 hours each on Skyrim and Civ 5. Not sure which to consider the longest. 

I've actually probably dumped 400 hours into Fallout 3, completed each and every quest twice, no fast traveling.