Litecoin mining. more profitable than bitcoin!

alright, so i made a thread before, but it was poorly written. so im going to go into more detail in this one.

First off, what is litecoin? its a fork of bitcoin, that uses scrypt instead of SHA-256 for its proof of work algorithem. the thing that makes scrypt special, is that it reuires much more memory, so it is less prone to being implimented on FPGA's and ASIC's. this means that the people mining on their computers are more likely to find coins.

even with bitcoin skyrocketing in price, litecoin is more profitable to mine (132% as im writing this). you can check that here:

back when i was first posting about litecoin, that was well over 200%... and though trading bitcoins for litecoin, i made a 410% profit!.


===============setting up a miner===============

the first thing you need to do is download the wallet from

next, open the miner so the block chain starts downloading.

now you need a miner, there are a few different ones, but ill post the ones i use.

  • for your CPU: and extract to your litecoin-qt folder that you downloaded from
  • you need a minerd to connect to a pool. by defult the wallet can only solo mine, which will take arround a month to get any coins.


reaper is stand alone, it doesnt need to go in any folder.


ok, so there is a list of pools... i was using however it was going down a lot... which means lost proffit. so me and my friend made our own pool.... its hosted on a gigabit line with 2 cores from an xeon and tons of ram...  so its not going down. soon we will be getting a dedicated box.

the pool is

feel free to use another pool if you want, but it would be cool if we could get some more users using it :)

the setup is under the getting started tab.

===============litecoin tradeing===============

the goto site right now is however there are a few others. currently there is no good way to deposit / withdraw usd from there, so most people just take their litecoins, convert to bitcoin, then use mtgox.

HOWEVER, on the mt gox irc they have confirmed that they will be adding ltc support to mt gox. so expect ltc value to go up quickly, and dwolla will work with that.










if you have 2 gpu's add "device 1" before mine litecoin in your reaper.conf

worksize needs to be 64, 128, or 256. this is a small increase to hash rate, so do this last. it all depends on your cards.

aggression is how hard it will push your gpu. if you start getting "gpu errors" you need to lower this.

gpu_thread_concurrency is a number based off of the number of shaders your card has... so find the shaders, then try shaders*2, shaders*3 and so on... untill reaper doesnt work any more.  if you cant find your shaders, do multiples of 800.


post questions below :)

I was gonna do litecoins, but I heard they're harder to trade...

They aren't as widely accepted either atm :/ But that is bound to change. I really want to get myself a BitCoin and a LiteCoin rig running O_O

I have been litecoin mining for a few months now. But thanks for the instructions for some of the new guys or people who want to get into it. Litecoin is very affective for personal profit. I usually run two cycles of litecoin/bitcoin mining. I mine litecoin a few hours for my personal profit and i mine bitcoin for the Tek pool.

I have made a recent purchase from my litecoins aswell from anyone still in disbeilife.

I traded my litecoins for bitcoins and ordered this hyper 212 evo: keep in mind this was about 10 days of litecoin mining at the current exchange rate for them.

its not harder to trade... it actually conferms a lot qucker, as there is a block every 2.5 minutes rather than 10.... its just the main exchange is russian, so they dont have paypal or anything. so you just send litecoins there, trade for bitcoin, then send them to mt gox / spend them. just an extra step

That's pretty sweet :) Tell me when you get it :D

The mining program simply crashes on me.

Hmm that is odd. It might be a bad setting in the litecoin.conf or the reaper.conf 

delete the .bin file named similar to your card that is inside the reaper folder.

is 2800 hashs a second good for solo mining?

also for solo do you need to enter server info?

no, 2.8khash is... sort of bad. more so, litecoins are distributed in chunks of 50, at your hash rate it will take.... 4100 days.

join a pool :)


edit: for anyone who cares

how does being in a pool work better? wont all the profit go to just the person running the pool or will it be shared? i am still new to all this but i am in the tek syndicate bitcoin pool and was wanting to try to make a litle something for my self.

so if i want to join your pool do i register at the website you posted in the thread?

a pool works like this: you join, and they get the coins, then they distribute it to all the members based on how much work they did.

the pool i posted ( has a 1% fee. we will eventually impliment a referal system, where you will get 1% of the referrals ltc, so it will offset the fee. but thats not implimented yet.

the teksyndicate bitcoin pool is just like this pool, just that is has a 100% fee, meaning they keep all the profit.

ok and do i register or do you have to sign me up?

you register.

when configuring your miner, use your worker username and password, not the one you registered as (just go to my workers)



seems to be working, at upwards of 17,000 khs.