List of worthy CRT monitors

This is a list of CRT's I think are decent, What else can be added (to this search list)?
All basically the same thing..

ViewSonic P817
Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 2070SB
iiyama Vision Master Pro 510
Lacie Blue III and IV

and that widescreen sony one I guess...
and it's re-brands
A217A HP 24
The SG one...

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yeah the fw900 sony was my favorite only retired mine because my new gpus dont have analog out

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Pretty much anything that's 1600x1200 and runs at 75Hz

Ok maybe should have titled it, "List of high end CRT monitors, can you add more model numbers?"

Might want to make it specifically about the highest end professional CRT monitors, like this one
1080p CRT

1080 is below my minimum spec but still that's an interesting historical piece (I was looking at that keyboard yesterday for some reason!?).
I'm looking for actual numbers to throw into my eBay search.

This one would have been nice, Cheap also...

I used to own two of these: The Iiyama VisionMaster Pro 510 and the Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 2070SB. Each could drive 2048x1536 at 85 Hz. Fed by a decent ferrite-core cable, each could display even the smallest text crisply. That said, I always favored the Mitsubishi's interface. The company even made an amazing piece of Windows software that allowed me to tweak virtually any hardware setting in Windows.

The Iiyama's screen became too dark to use, so I dumped it in the recycling center. But I still have the Mitsubishi! I haven't used it in years. I'd like to give it away, locally, to someone who could such a CRT to good use but lacks the money to buy one. Whom should I offer it to? The art department at a local school?

Why would you use a CRT??

0 input lag
possibly cheap high Hz

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Viewsonic p95f 19"... Carries 1600x1200 at 75hz no problem... Max res was near 2400x1600 or something... I really can't remember my trusty old monitor, that is still working in 2015 actually...

I had a Dell M992 which did 1920x1440 (overclocked) a looonnnng time ago.
I actually LOST resolution when I moved to 1080p.... lol It wasn't until last month that I finally regained my pixels!! :P

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right.... wouldnt you rather a much better monitor for all those things and spend more? why have a 500-800-1000-1500+ £/$ computer and strap on £50 CRT ?

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I'm not trying to sell CRT's to anyone here, I want to buy them..
CRT's are terrible, If you see one that says [email protected] just ignore it, kthx

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Some people don't want to have many pixels and are happy with less in general?

I refer you both to my previous post.

Why would anyone pay more than £20 for a monitor that does [email protected] when they can spend it on graphics cards? ;)

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Some of us are not gamers. Some of us are just business users who want a high pixel count, a high pixel density, or both.