Liquid cooler + minifridge = win?

just an idea, what if you put the rad in something like this it wouldn't be nearly as good as an actual refrigerator, but would it possibly be better than air cooling it?

Is that... Is that a single can mini-fridge?

yup, powered by a standard usb port

also, i guess you'd more likely put the resiviour or pump in there, i've never worked with water cooling so i don't know what'd work best

Alright, I need a test computer to try this on. I have a few mini-fridges and a full-sized deep freezer, and I'm going to rip them apart to make a phase changer. Sub zero at 100% load? Hell yes.

draft beer and sodan fountains use something called a cold plate that they ice down. i  have done mental tinkering with this concept for a water cooling loop.  whenever you make a loop the length of the loop and elevation differential are some  factors determining the pump choice. imo, whenever you take a loop outside the case you may as well step up to a dual dc5 pump setup. the reasoning behind the cold plate for me is you could keep the energy demands lower when not needed such as at idle or such. just ice it down when your gonna game on. i have spent many hours contemplating dew point and condensation.

and my thought is if your not willing to go OCD about condesation prevention best not to go for sub-ambient solutions. but things to do might be run a dehumdifier to raise the dew point insulate all loop componants that are inside the case. or just not go sub-ambient and throw more rads at the problen with an external rad box to the point of diminshing returns. here is a good video for a rad box

Win is disassembling the mini-fridge to make a phase change cooling system out of the compressor.

In a same way where you could've said that there's such thing as an internet-enabled refrigerator. Would rather have those in your bedroom rather than a desktop PC.

I'm sorry, what?

Like I said, I'd rather have an internet-enabled fridge inside my bedroom than a desktop PC.

Sure, that's why you bought the 3970X. To make a fridge.

With your 480s, I think you have an oven instead.

Unless you threw your whole computer into a fridge, you would have problems with condensation. You would have to insulate the tubing for the water loop and all the waterblocks somehow. ASRock is starting to make some water proof motherboards, but you would still have to worry about the graphics cards and CPU.

Spray everything in Plastidip.

Nice, an internet-enabled oven. Now that I've said it, we'll just wait till one of the kitchen appliance companies, like LG, makes one.

Yeah, but then your case just rusts out anyway. Not to mention you'd probably get some mold build up.

Move to somewhere where it snows, place pc case near window, open window. Enjoy freezing cold air intake and nice component temps.

i have a feeling plasti-dip would thermally insullate everything and instead of getting cooled it would overheat

I would just put the resiviour in there, and hide it inside your case. and feed the usb cable through the grommets most cases now have near the IO sheild

Read the reviews. Apparently is sucks.

@overlord nick, thats the kind of minifridge I was eferring too, once small enough to fit in a pc case 

If you are going to do this I would (perhaps a bit difficult) mount the motherboard in a sealable container and evacuate it then fill it with nitrogen, then run your lines in. This method really needs some form of radiator on the inside to keep the 'MOBO' cool.