Liquid cooler + minifridge = win?

Could you in theory install a minifridge in your pc then cut some holes in and run some pipes through it? or have your actuall reservoir inside? Just something that crossed my mind. Would it cost much more to run? considering you'd be powering a minifridge too. 

How would you access the minifridge? Minifridge is supposed to be for gaming snacks! lol

it would send your bills through the stratosphere, but you would prolly be able to get a massive OC.

I would be worried about condensation at that point.

yeah you could do a loop and put the  fridge out side the case and keep drinks in it!


What lukefrewin said! 

Beer! Games! Beer!

Would you be able to ignore condensation if you greased everything up? I imagine the only time the case would have to be opened would be to clear cmos. Hopefully that wouldn't happen very often. I have heard of people using ac units and closing up the case, that might be the better route to go since reefers aren't designed to cool all the time. The insulation from a mini fridge would probably benefit if a good seal was made.

I chuckled

do exsternal fridge would be great !

I always wondered why people didn't just put their computer in a fridge, in their room, and have food in the fridge too. LIke, seriously :P but in theory, if I took out the hard drive cage in a case, replaced it with a similar size minifridge, machined out holes for the tubing and stuck a reservoir in there, then made sure the minifridge was totally sealed, would there be a problem? maybe you could even use this for a totally silent pc. Pump in sealed minifridge = no noise And the coolant would just be chilled by the minifridge. 

Yes, your fridge would break down. The coil is not designed to be run non-stop. There's lots of threads about this on overclocking forums.

So, you want to make a phase changer for cheap, aye? I won't stop you, but you would need a really secure and leak-proof mounting system for the CPU for the condenser, but otherwise, it should work.

Let's not talk about that. Let's talk about the snacks!

Couldn't you just build your pc in a fridge? Get that waterproof asrock board and grease up everything with vaseline.

I'm just saying; but putting a PC inside a fridge is like trying to tow a house with a Mini. Just don't bother. You'll face a raft of spending requirements in order to achieve the closest, safest, result. I'd rather chuck a deer inside the fridge than a PC.

This if executed well would be ok, but the electricity bill would send you broke. Fridges aren't meant to cool hot objects like copper pipes or radiators. Just build your own phase change case. More efficient and will cool a whole lot better.

I wasn't going to build this myself, just something I could add to the "awesome things I would build if I had the money" list, if this were possible, although apparently not.



Would it be more efficient to make the cooling loop partially a heater (peltief effect ?)? Probably putting a cup on the CPU would heat things up faster though