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Linux Sucks 2020 - Bryan Lunduke

This is the 2020 installment of “Linux Sucks” – originally released on May 28th, 2020.

Dark times be upon us.

Really yearning for some working GNU Mach/Hurd distros right about now.


Has Lunduke changed at all or has he stayed the same?

Still seems as rad as usual :smile:

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i cant disagree. been using kali for pentesting. i thought i might try it for an everyday driver…

oi… stop laughing…
are you done yet?..

when your ready… heres a hanky for the tears…
rite… like i said…
ahhh ffs stop laughing…


With cannonical switching to a proprietary software store,
it actually might start to suck at some point yeah. :woman_facepalming:

Canonical always seem pretty quick to cosy up to closed/non-free/restricted projects.
Part and parcel of trying to please everyone?
Like, compromise for the sake of ubiquity?

Not sure if that was intentional but it cracked me up nonetheless :wink:

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nah, was thinking more the installer than the brand of devices.
Glad you had a chuckle in these dark times though…

Some of the censortube commenters make some good points regarding Linux search relevance going down a bit due to people possibly searching for more distro specific things - also, loads of people abandon the major search bubbles for alternatives. Loads of free software people not keen on goolag so makes sense that they drop off main search metrics after a while.

Due to the customization and freedom of choice of Firefox and add-ons you can also appear like you are coming from a windows plantation. Some still detect GNU/Linux but certain sites don’t - L1Techs detect me as a windows serf when I’m clearly a free cybernaut :smile:.

I’m not a Linux worshiper, I’m a Free Software fan. I just wish we had some other GPL kernel alternatives as another option. BSD licenses (as far as I know) don’t force release of code (if I understand stuff correctly).

The infiltration really scares me. Makes me want to learn how to code so I’m not totally at the mercy of authoritarian nutcases hijacking organizations in the future. Just hope the sane people keep fighting and don’t just tap out.

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Is this a play on YouTube, or yet another competitor starting up?
Because a site with literally no comment section might be kinda interesting… can’t have hate/spam if no comments?

I think a better name for YT might be something like:


ublock Origin has a feature called element picker which allows you to block elements from a page permanently. Using that in combination with uMatrix can give you a comment free experience with a few clicks.

You can really clean CreepySpyingCensorTube (or bitchute etc) up nicely: Remove login buttons, subscribe buttons, left side bars, covid notification crap and be left with stuff you want to see - heck, you can even get rid of like buttons and channel banners. Great for improving user experience on regularly visited websites.


Just make sure you figure out where to get rid of the uBlock element rules you set otherwise you might be a bit stuck with slightly broken websites if you screw up some rule accidentally.

DLL Hell hasn’t been a thing since Microsoft introduces their SXS libraries, which just stores a directory of old libraries side by side.

Flat packs and Snap packs have been a way to circumvent dependency compatibility issues on Linux, by included needed dependencies packaged within the snap/ flat.

Steam on Linux has the Steam runtime, which works like SXS. It has really helped Steam become transient on most distros.

But yeah, the messy way older dependencies are, it is problematic running older linux apps in newer distros. I really think many older apps need to be repackaged in a flatpack or snappack system.

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Lets just keep things simple: “PooTube”.


Oh, don’t get me wrong, I really like YouTube, and consume hours of it per day.

But is is creepy af, and constantly profiling.

Better the devil you know.
It is effing good at delivering content created by others, and profiting on said content

Eh, unless it disapproves of what you want to watch…


I really don’t think Googs/Alpha/YT cares.
If computer says Alex Jones keeps you watching, it serves up Alex Jones.

If it notices Tinchy Strider turns you off, it steers clear of grime (or whatever)

It’s just interrested in keeping eyeballs on ads the most the eyeballs will accept.

I trained youtube to only show me stuff from channels I am subscribed too and ads for industrial equipment.


And it feeds you content that fills the time you allot to the viewing?

Like, you have a few hours sunday afternoon, and it pushes enough industrial equipement to tunnel to the antipode.
Only a few mins? here’s a vid with an overview of a cruise ship power plant…

YT scales to fit your eyeballs…

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