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Linux Sucks 2020 - Bryan Lunduke

Arch users = Vegans of the Linux world

Hahaha. That part killed me :rofl:


Except that YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc, all banned Alex Jones (and within hours of each other). In fact, they regularly ban or shadowban things they don’t want us to see and keep promoting stuff they do want us to see.


well its at least content we want to see and not purely corporate sanctioned stuff additionally its free.

Regarding his rant on old Linux games not working on Linux today:

Linux native games are not open source, so there really is no way to play it by recompiling the source to current architecture, which makes sense.

That’s like he wants to watch some specific Vaudeville from bygone ages. We have the stage for that, but we dont have the scripts.

He is ranting about art, essentially.

Maybe compromise for the sake of usability/functionality/business viability.

I don’t mind a pragmatic approach where the important things are free/open, but some proprietary sauce is added on top for ease of use or functionality/convenience.

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Or like an open source client with closed back end so a company can make revenue if you go default server, but one has the option of rolling ones own, for the cost of time/hassle/inconvenience

I would expect shenanigans, though. It’s why we can’t have nice things.