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its useful (probably runs on a linux server ) but specifically not a downloadable program, but i suppose its cross platform. I can add it if you really want ? people can always browse the rest of this thread for it either way


a nicer UI is on the works, for now try changing the default to glui in options -> drivers options -> menu options

The new UI will look like this


Up to you, if people find it helpful that's all that matters.


good point :) I have added it


I have added another section: Game Creation

individually some things are separate ( modelling , audio creation, C++ audio, scripting ) mostly with what is already mentioned.

Tool sets to go with these will get a new category, so any suggestions would be good :)


There are thousands of software and apps available over the net for Linux. Check out best and useful apps list from



Here a also a very extensive list in different categories. The navigation is confusing but the best way to navigte there is by clicking the next tab above the comment section.


thanks for the link :)

the idea of this thread is to give Teksyndicate its own useful local list for a quick look up for new Migrating Linux users, most programs mentioned are cross platform or a selected as a direct replacement. But yes there are tens of thousands of Linux programs!


hopefully this thread is clearer and quicker to have a scan though :)


Is there no Blender on the list? anyway Menulibre is a good little tool to unclutter the application launcher of stuff not used often.

I also +1 with op and wish for this to be pinned, it may reduce posts asking about stuff mentioned here.


Sublime Text Editor
Atom text editor
Light Table code editor
Manager Accounting
Google Web Designer
Brackets Web Editor
LMMS music studio
DraftSight CAD
WPS Office Suite

If using Ubuntu, type sudo apt-get install getdeb in terminal. Right click on .deb file, properties, "Open With" tab, change default program to "GDebi Package Installer". Installing .deb files is now a lot easier and faster than the default Software Centre!


I cant believe I forgot blender, its added thanks. Il take a look at Menulibre when I get chance


Great suggestions there, I didn’t know about some of those. I have added most of those :)



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Why is this not pinned yet???


Im not sure, but I will keep working on it with the help of others like yourself. I didn’t create it just to get pinned and to be fair I suppose they cant pin everything :)

who wants to be in the mainstream pinned club anyway, we are much cooler than that, hah !


added Grsync, thanks epsilont


added lolcat :)


Just wanted to shout out for Kdenline for video editing:


Just learned that War Thunder has a native linux client.


Yeah it runs pretty well. Great rage simulator.