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I added chatty thanks!


added syncthing. It doesn’t use the bittorrent protocol ( which some have said is compromised ) its fully opensourced the code is readable and uses your own authenticated private endpoint nodes for sync. its WIP ATM though.

just incase nobody had heard of this, its in the list.

  • Hexchat (IRC Client)
  • Weechat (IRC Client)
  • Tuxguitar (guitartabs)
  • Bluefish editor (webdesign)
  • Vice (Commodore 64, VIC-20, PET, ... emulator)


added hexchat, vice & created a new Tab for Coding at the bottom, which has Bluefish as its first entry,

Any other ( preferably popular, easy to use or cross platform) coding software suggestions ?


Geany is pretty good. Some people like Eclipse. Jet brain makes a bunch of good stuff, paid though.

Oh and on virtualization VMware stuff works on Linux non free as well


added Geany, although it is gtk2 only,but at the moment that’s still fine



recommending VLC above Mplayer...really that just blows my mind.


Its not a 'best' list as such, as per the thread explanation: Its an easy transition list of popular OOTB software, mainly GUI driven, . Mplayer requires a front end selection for a start. I cant add everything, there are thousands of pieces of cool software for Linux, hence the arch software link.

From their website

There are many variants.

MPlayer-VAAPI β€” VAAPI-enabled version || mplayer-vaapi
MPlayer-svn β€” Development version
|| mplayer-svn
MPlayer2 β€” Fork of MPlayer || mplayer2
MPlayer2 β€” Fork of MPlayer (development version) || mplayer2-git

Then there are the GUI's

Deepin Media Player β€” Rich GTK2/Python interface for the Deepin desktop. || deepin-media-player
GNOME MPlayer β€” Simple GTK+-based GUI for MPlayer. || gnome-mplayer
KPlayer β€” Multimedia player for KDE4 using mplayer as a backend. || kplayer
KMPlayer β€” Video player plugin for Konqueror and basic MPlayer/Xine/ffmpeg/ffserver/VDR frontend for KDE. || kmplayer
Rosa Media Player β€” Multimedia player based on SMPlayer with clean and elegant UI. || rosa-media-player
SMPlayer β€” Qt multimedia player with extra features (CSS themes, YouTube integration, etc.). || smplayer
Xt7-Player β€” Graphical user interface for MPlayer written in Gambas, with a huge list of features. || xt7-player

VLC is GUI driven, themeable , multiformat good to go extremely well know cross platform player.

All out of the box.

Again, Its not a "you should only use this list" Mplayer is amazing, its also on the Arch Software link. If it really grinds that much I will add it no problem :P


I use Mpv as smplayer backend. Here it is barebones:


which is the player that can double frames / triple frames on bluerays ?


added inkscape


added Pitivi


Adding this post to the Challenge thread.


Thanks !


added Winconn


Found a new one for the Graphics category:

Krita (

It's a Digital painting program, similar to ArtRageStudio and Photoshop to some extent.
Really nice workflow for Wacom digital drawing/painting


I use this for Photoshop:


thanks, krita is already in the list :)


Whoops, sorry

Ok, to make up for the botched post, here are ALL the libretro cores for x86_64 for Retroarch
(that means all emulators you can think of under one GUI and setup)

btw, libRETRO/Retroarch
It's a multi-emulator that works by having "cores" that basically are the proper emulators you know but in the form of some kind of plugins. that means it's super easy to set up a multi-emulator environment without the hassle of the configuration of a frontend linking to several emulators. It's the easiest way to get emulation going on linux AFAIK


that seems pretty good actually, its more of an API but seen as it looks powerful and well featured + its cross platform, il add it too the list :) i kind of wish it had a nice GUI but you cant have everything

im going to have a play with that this weekend

thanks ( you are redeemed :D )