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lol rage simulator


Thanks! its great software, KDE has a really good set of image editing tools :)

I have added it.


I'd add Geany, a small Code Editor with few dependencies, and youtube-mp3, a program which allows you to download & convert videos & playlists from various video platforms(Youtube etc.).


thanks, geany is already on the list :)

clipgrab is on the list its a youtube queuing and downloading program check it out. That said, il have a look at yt-mp3


You might want to take a look at this:


And you might want to look at the original post ;P


Oops, my bad, didn't see the link in your original post.


added bitwig


Thank you @meggerman and everyone else who has posted answers, I imagine this has helped many people see that the software they use on Windows is available either directly or through a similar alternative which helps makes Linux easier for them to switch to


Thanks buddy :)

It would be nice to get it pinned.

I dont know what we have to do for this to happen ? But as long as people get to see it somehow I guess thats all that matters


Screen setup GUI for multiple Monitor setups.
Python Script that downloads videos or mp3 not only from youtube but many other sites (you could even get the Tek as mp3 and just listen to it like a podcast)


Podget is a simple, no nonsense script for listening and managing podcasts. Sourceforge is now down but you can google it.


Thanks sounds cool



I don't think I saw
It's a hackable text editor.
I enjoy it a lot, and use it quite often.

~ Netty


hey that looks nice! thanks

I have added it :)


Two SIP Softphone clients.




cool, I will check them out. I have actually been looking for something like that myself.

is Linphone totally opensource and free ? Twinkle uses the GPL.


That sounds amazing, so far LDAP and Webmail servers are the only things I have not done with my server environment that I really want to do.


I'm glad you like it @meggerman
I've been using it since it's beta days,
and I've got to say it's pretty awesome.

Take care,
~ Netty


Put down Terminator for a terminal shell.

Really good stuff there.