Linux Noob Dual boot

Hey guys,
I want to make the switch to Linux. I have been using it for about a year when I can in a VM, i want to use it on hardware.
I want to duel boot, with 2 hard drives so that i can keep windows bootloader. I understand that it is still not the most stable way to run Linux I understand having 2 systems is the best idea, but I want my 4 monitors and faster compiling from my i7-4790k. I understand there is a problem with clock between linux and windows. I want to learn Linux because I really enjoy programming and i enjoy learning to fixing computer problems, i like having control over my system and i don't want Microsoft selling my data.

Is it more stable to make windows run on UTC or linux on local time? does it matter?
What distribution is good for programming, easy to get ide's lots of support kind of deal or is that even a problem? I am still learning programming, but i feel like learning Linux will give me a better understand of computer and how they work deep down.
Is there any programming languages that do not work on Linux? what IDE's are recommended for C++ and Java?
What is a good desktop for muit-moniutor setups, is will i have drives for a gtx 970?
how large of a swap do i need what does it do?

if anything i said makes no seance let me know i will explain and thanks for the help.
also any beginner guilds to Linux on YouTube that would be great.


Unplug the other hard drive to make sure the windows bootloader is not on it. Windows has a bad habit of installing the bootloader on the disk it is not installed on for some reason.

There is a very easy registry hack one can do.

Any one distro is not better than the other for programming. Linux distros are pure user choice with some slight difference in the install process and how you install programs. I as a fedora shill recommend fedora like no other.

as for the whole IDE thing that is something that i can not answer as i do all of my programming with nano.

Depends on how much ram you use. If you are constantly hitting your ram limit then you will need swap. I have a swap file that is the size of my ram + 2gb but you can always get away with alot less.

Swap is the same thing as pagefile in windows. When the computer runs out of ram then cached processes are moved into swap so they can be recalled when they are needed again.

Im not sure. You can enable multiple monitors in a VM and sit down and play
To try out some desktops you can use fedora spins


Post a screenshot or write up of your system. Might help with desktop environment (DE) answers and swap. Both of those are really subjective. Desktops are very much personal taste and there is no "better than" other than your preference. Personally I prefer either no GUI ( which is what I boot into) or the full monty - KDE Plasma5. Weird, I know.

Oh! And what have you been looking at over the last year?

Most Linux distros are good when it comes to programming, it all comes down to personal preference. If you want more support I would recommend Ubuntu or Linux Mint. If you want a close connection to your system, but may mess some things up I would choose something like Arch.

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Only thing i have to say is get a separate disk and avoid partitioning with windows. Keep it simple. Linux is far easier than it appears. Just be patience and research.

My system is a I7-4790k, MSI gaming 5 moba, GTX 970, 2X 240GB SSD. trting to install Ubuntu cant get it to install at all. I have had the ubuntu sound play but no video.

I have been looking mostly at Ubuntu i like fedora as well so far havent played with meany desktops, unity, Gnome 3 and Mate.

Have 2 SSD's one for linux one windows thats the idea anyway. and right now trying to reserch why nothing will install.

download iso... use rufus to make install usb. How are you approaching this ? I am certainly no linux guru but it is pretty easy.

checked bios made sure boot into uefi, disable all boot fast boot and secure boot. Cut off integrated GPU, cut on igpu and tried those display outputs. currently seeing if MSI moba are incompatible maybe. about to update bios to see if that helps. have rufus and have downloaded ubuntu and ubuntu gnome

i have 4 monitors and i use mint and havent had any problems. plug and play.

also if you want to access your windows drives from linux, disable fast boot in the uefi.

also also check out grub

Not actually sure why you need to cut off your gpu ? Really, try something other than ubuntu. I recommend fedora or Mint to get started.

I had the iGPU on to run an extra monitor off of it. more or less to be lazy, and i am downloading mint and fedora

Just like anything not everything will work well in your case. First get it installed and working on one monitor and move forward. I personally have not had an issue with any linux distro at dual monitor. What gpu are you using ?

gtx 970, the problem is installing it to begin with havent got into linux yet. It stops after the menu ask to install or try ubuntu then black screen. have waited for around 30 mins still nothing, i installed it on a really bad laptop earlier no problem.

Please hold while .... While we find a nvidia / linux person :) Move off ubuntu try another distro. I am amd guy and have rarely see such failings at install. Only if the iso is corrupted in some way.

Try fedora or antergos. Ubuntu is notorious for driver issues. Both are better environments for programming/development, and get out of your way where ubuntu tends to make you work around it. antergos has flawless nvidia support (running on my 1070 no problems) and fedora is similarly capable.

Ubuntu isn't worth all the trouble it gives you if you want to use it for anything past media consumption.

If you're getting black screen during live boot with nvidia, add 'nomodeset' to the grub options.

how do i do that