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I’m so happy to see some life in the linux channel again :smile:


Will definitely follow this guide once I start work on the Ryzen B450-I I got for my own 2600X I’m getting down the line.

Using the same nomodeset trick to disable Nouveau on NVIDIA because Nouveau doesn’t work.

And yeah, PKPPA is awesome.

Edit: GREAT tip on removing irqbalance. I’m gonna do that once I get back to my Ubuntu installs.

Bought a RX 580 this time instead of going for the 590, Figure the 580 is good enough for now and wait to see whats out late 2019 early 2020, maybe wait until the end of 2020 for hindsight…

Hey All!!! - I am simply fishing for answers on a AMD RX 590. I am working on a Vega 64 (Asus Strix) and I love it. It’s only ever spun up the fans once on my 2nd Gen Threadripper 2950X system. I run 3 displays (Two 1080P’s and a 1440P 34 incher…all Alienware). So the question is thus:

“Does anyone know of any issues running a Sapphire Nitro+ RX590 (Blue Edition) within Linux?”

I rock Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS for my main driver, Linux Mint, Kubuntu 18.04.2 currently but my plan is to blow all that away on my 24 TB rig and reset on a Main distro of pure Debian 10 Buster, MX Linux, Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS, Linux Mint 19, Linux Mint Debian Edition, Fedora, & Open Suse. I will be running Gnome 3, KDE Neon, & Cinnamon Desktops.

What can I say…I get bored easily and I despise Windows 10 though I wanna run it in VM w/ passthrough to my new incoming RX 590 when I’m not using it to drive my top two 25 in 1080P Alienware displays under Linux so that my Vega 64 can be dedicated to my single 34 in 1440P Curved display.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance.