Linux Gamers Thread

Very simple! What do you play in linux?

I play League of Legends, World Of Warcraft, Skyrim, and a lot of random steam games.

Played through Metro:2033 & Last light, Shadow of Mordor, XCOM & waaaay too much Civ5.

Not a fan of running things through wine or playonlinux, so stick to games that run native.

Hopefully the steam box pushes a few more over.

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I don't understand why more devs don't use openGL! It's faster, rarely crashes, and can do a lot more complex shapes at any time!

Killing Floor 1 (waiting for Killing Floor 2's linux port), BioShock Infinite, Metro 2033, Amnesia TDD & AMFP, Brutal Legend.

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I can't be bothered with PoL or WINE, so ...

Euro Truck Simulator 2
Cities: Skylines
Plague Inc: Evolved

That leaves me with GTA5 and Assetto Corsa on Windows, although I'm losing interest in GTA and haven't played AC in months. I really should set up my wheel and start racing again.

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Recently I've been playing:

  • Starbound
  • Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Directors Cut
  • ARMA3
  • FTL

Hows the A3 Port??

Thats probably the pc game i play the most... So once the port is good enough, ill be seriously considering a permanent switch of my OS...

Played or playing

Wastelands 2
Pillars of eternity
Cities skylines
Shadow of Mordor (needs nvidia cards for now i think)
Shadowrun series

On playonLinux:
The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav
the book of unwritten tales series.

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I was getting fairly decent FPS with high settings on showcase missions with an i5-4690k and GTX 970 but performance would probably drop quite a bit on multiplayer and at the moment the Linux performance is definitely worse than Windows.

That and the version is older than the Windows versions, right?

Yea, I think it is something like 1.42 which most servers don't use so playing online might be hard.

Day of Defeat:Source 10-15 years ago I was into MoH in a big way. I played in a competitive clan, the remnants of which is still going many years later. Yes the I'm still playing with the same bunch of guys for over a decade. Not sure if we should be proud or if it's a sign of senility. The guys play Battlefield, currently BF:4. that's the main reason I keep a Windows partition around. However I miss the simplicity of shooters from MoH time and I really like WWII as a setting for FPS games. MoH is almost impossible to play these days and DoD:S is similar enough and runs flawlessly. There is still a good number of players so finding a server is easy enough. The servers are well run by mature communities. Given that some have been playing for a great many years there are some with outrageous skill. Just like we were so many years ago. Not too many cheaters and those that do turn up are dealt with quickly.

I know that DoD:S is the ginger haired step child of Valves back catalog but it's my "go to" shooter of choice. If you are after a shooter of skill and map knowledge you should give it a look. It can however become a bit of a meat grinder where a positive kdr means you are doing well.

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Just for Show and Tell:

Tropico 5 (really recommend it, although 4 was better in Details)
The Witcher 1(19 gigs non-resumable download, Not quite sure where I'll be downloading that)

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CS:GO, ArmA 3, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, Risk of Rain, Legend of Grimrock, TF2, Terraria, Osu!, Fallout, Hearthstone, anything I can run at a reasonable framerate on wine, and lots of other indie titles

CS:GO, Metro Last Light (downloaded but haven't played yet) and This War Of Mine (great game).

War Thunder

Been playing KSP

Ahh, KSP :)

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Well it does...


Games I play:

Dota 2
metro (forgot which one)
Civ 5
City Skylines
don't starve together
shadow of mordor
was playing D3 in wine but updated broke it and the mouse icon will freeze in place (can still use it just can't see the icon for the mouse)

Umm.....I think that is all. I have more options when i do the family share thing why my cousin. But I haven't been using the pc much so i haven't don that (had it set up had to reinstall, also he is almost always using his steam when i want to)

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