Linux Gamers Thread

At the moment:


  • 0 A.D.
  • Nexuiz
  • Open Arena


  • Bioshock

Played GTA III & Vice City, San Andreas & GTA IV under WINE, they all had smooth performance wich was'nt the case on the same hardware under Windows.

I'm not on Steam yet, but I'm planning to get myself an account.

I now have a Steam account and the following games on it:

* Goat Simulator + GoatZ
* Endless Sky
* No More Room in Hell
* Counter-Strike
* Counter-Strike CZ + Deleted Scenes
* Day of Defeat
* Deathmatch Classic
* Ricochet
(not really playing the last one; it was part of a bundle but nobody seems to play it)

Also installed Postal 2 & Beneath A Steel Sky again.
I Made an account with GOG today and it looks interesting.

Running Wine 1.7.50 and gaming;
Hearthstone and World of Warcraft.

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KSP (buggy though)
Portal 2
The Stanley Parable
(looks at Steam library)
Game Dev Tycoon

Sadly only those work, things such as World of Warships or the Sims series, or SimCity, etc don't work on Wine/PoL that well. So I'm stuck to native games only!

I've played CSS and CSGO in Linux. They both had choppy framerate with my 660s but it worked I guess

I play whatever comes across my desk lol. But my current faves are:

Wasteland 2 Director's Cut
Borderlands The Pre-Sequel

Currently only native Linux stuff like Half Life and CS. Working on getting WoW and Skyrim working also.

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There is a world of warcraft guide and millions of others, practically :P

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FTL and XCOM are my main 2 on Linux, but I recently tried Convoy and really enjoyed it.

ARMA3 is getting v1.54 patch in the future for Linux, so you will be able to play with latest mods and with windows users. However I think they may require server BattleEye to be turned off in order to connect. I suggested to BIS that they disable battleeye checks for Mac and Linux users, I think that's the best option because its quite a lot harder to do memory hacking in Linux then windows (windows has much better memory hack tools).

I want to play Wasteland 2 DC under Linux but there is a variety of issues with the latest Unity version causing quite a few problems, and in Windows (use -force-d3d9, no option for Linux users however). Also Windows -> Linux savegames don't work :(

My primary thing under Linux (I use Ubuntu MATE) is WarThunder, however with my AMD 390x card I get erratic frame rates from 15-105fps, the FGLRX drivers just can't seem to keep a stable frame rate. The OSS drivers give 17fps or less all the time, so not gonna use those. (plus OpenGL 4.1 isn't SteamOS friendly in my opinion as most games use OpenGL4.3+).

At the moment Kerbal Space Program, for me it's working way better than on windows(Stable 64 bit and all that), Might give Cities skylines a try aswell, and perhaps try some games in a windows VM if i ever figure that out.

Windows VM works fine if you have a onboard videocard and a motherboard that has the right KVM support. The issue with a Windows VM is that you will need to reboot your system when you want to return the resources back to the system (videocard at least, you can virtualize the CPU and other stuff).

At 1080p I think a windows VM is fine, but if you intend to run games at 4k (me) then its not really gonna cut it, every fps count in that situation.

Oh i did not know that well looks like in getting another videocard then haha, i guess my GTX460 can be dedicated to a VM. Thanks for clarifying about vidoecard passthrough!

been playing poly bridge lately. Was on a Borderlands 2 kick for awhile

As of right now I can't really play anything natively on Linux because of the terrible Fury X drivers. I'll completely switch over to Linux once I figure out the whole KVM passthrough

Pfff, then you're not really playing anything on linux are you! :P

Well I would love to play but in order to do anything I need the new Kernel so I can at least get somewhat decent drivers. The Fury X on linux is a fucking mess

I like to play simulation games.
I play an revived open source version of Transport Tycoon, its called Open TTD.
Its a fun sim game, and you can download addons aswell.