Linux Academy

Anyone here tried or are using Linux Academy?
Podcasts keep referring to it and thought about it signing up but wanted to get community feedback if there is any before I sign up.

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better free sources on YT


follow these steps to obtain free, superior documentation:

git clone
cd git-gud
pip install gitgud
git gud [username]

Not sure how to respond to that one. Seems worthless from what I saw.

I have found lots of good Info on YouTube. Is there any particular channels you might recommend for Linux Education that Linux academy offers.

What is your goal?

Truly want to learn everything sort of a jack of all trades somewhat.
I'm a diesel mechanic now and have a decent job but have always enjoyed anything to do with PC and networking.
Anything Linux Server related (containers,virtualization,systems administration,etc....)
Programming is something I have lightly dabbled in and would love to learn more also.

what worked for me is creating a home project like creating my own database at home, file share server or router and follow tutorials on youtube. 9/10 times someone has already tried to do what you want to do and documented it on youtube. Arch wiki and debian wiki is your friend.

Arch wiki:

Debian wiki:

If your just trying to get proficient in using linux delete all your unimportant windows installs and use your own flavor of linux. installing arch or gentoo on a virtual machine will teach you a ton. you can message me if you have any questions.

We literally just had a thread on this question. use search

Appreciate that.
I have a Fedora 25 server with zfs and KVM virtual machines.
Only time I run windows is for gaming.
So maybe what I am looking for is somewhat structured content to further me along in what I have already done. Not proficient by any means but feel I can handle anything I put mind to. I may screw it up a few times before I get it somewhat right but I normally figure it out. I have somewhat limited time to learn between family and job so I feel like structured content helps me learn and something I can go back to reference possibly.

Check this thread

On Linux Academy??
I did search and nothing showed up.
No one jumped in with anything compelling about Linux Academy and you wrote about free YouTube content. I feel like this is where this thread is moving toward.

I remember reading that thread and actually have a few books on my list to purchase.

I re-upped my Linux Academy sub within the past week. I like them and think they are of high quality. Whether others do or do not is up to them. I would recommend them.

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Any thoughts on their labs?

It has been some time since I did a lab. I actually let my sub expire for over a year because of reasons. It's a bit foggy to be honest. I remember liking the labs a lot. If you can wait a couple days I can do a little write up for you. Earliest I can get to it is Friday.

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I would appreciate it and hopefully a few in the community would enjoy it also.

Yeah, no problem and will do.

I have a subscription to Linux Academy. I find it very informative. I also learn a tremendous amount from various YT channels. The use of their lab servers is very helpful. It is definitely worth the money for the structured content.


Having said that, very generally the context leans toward the commercial enterprise environment. So RHEL and CentOS dominate. Now, I can see why some developers and many desktop Linux users would see that as a negative. I see it as a positive - the more you know.

I would also reinterate what @gnuguy messaged about creating a home project and pushing it to completion. OH and I run Arch so definitely ArchWiki is your best friend.

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