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Linus Torvalds "Very Concerned" About Microsoft "Taking Over Linux"

Whoops. Except he isn’t:

Torvalds said:

“The whole anti-Microsoft thing was sometimes funny as a joke, but not really. Today, they’re actually much friendlier. I talk to Microsoft engineers at various conferences, and I feel like, yes, they have changed, and the engineers are happy. And they’re like really happy working on Linux. So I completely dismissed all the anti-Microsoft stuff.”

A really good interview into the insights of Microsoft cooperating and even contributing to Linux kernel development. No mentions of privacy or telemetry, indicating that Linus Torvalds has nothing to hide, therefore nothing to fear?

I am really excited about this new formed positive attitude from the leader of Linux. The possibility of Microsoft userland with Linux kernel will make an incredible development, media, and gaming platform. Microsoft is doing everything right, and even the Linux maestro is taking notice.

Keep up the great work, Microsoft.


youre just a microsoft plant on this forum to shill M$

I wonder if his opinion of nvidia is still the same…


Two of my favorite tech things together…Blessed by Mr. Linux himself even.

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It’s not. Someone asked him about the video a while back and he said that since then, they have done a great job at contributing to the Linux side of things.

got a link for that one?

Digging around. It was in an interview a while back from what I remember.

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I don’t think this is the interview I read, but it’s relevant

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Yes, and that’s awesome.

But in the other hand MS kinda slows the Linux Gaming scene. :man_shrugging:


If they implement the Linux kernel on the next release of Windows, would that technically be Linux gaming? :thinking:

year of the linux desktop brought to you by microsoft when?


2020, I’m sure. MS Linux exclusives 2021.


Xbox and Windoes exclusive BattleTux: Bash Adventures on NT-Land


Good for Linus but I still am

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Still am what?

Oh, “very concerned”? Lmao. Why?

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I’ll be honest. I’m even “more concerned” with MS and Linux than both of them.

Yes, I prefer the way Linux kernel is implemented, it uses way less resources… but in the end… I’m not one who cares a lot about privacy and stuff… I also use chromeOS ffs

EDIT: Shit will only go down if we lose all the server and web-stuff fucked up… that’d be terrible

Concerned about Microsofts interaction with Linux because they are still competing at the end of the day and I don’t see their benefit as clearly as say AMD of nvidia nor do I think them above petty actions down the line.
I don’t have anything more concrete to point to and that’s probably a positive but given that things always change I’d like them to stay at a reasonable arms length and not that awkward “microsoft <3 linux” thing.

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I am curious if MS released a Windows Server 2022 with a Linux kernel variant.

Nice bait and switch there, @AnotherDev.

Oh, hey, and I haven’t seen anyone post extendembraceextinguish.jpg yet, so that’s a nice change of pace.

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A 20 year partnership to just kill something is a pretty long con.

Also, Steve Ballmer is gone and not coming back.

Microsoft has been in the development of Linux for quite some time. They’ve even partnered with mainstream distributions and organizations like Docker and Kubernetes.


Some great things could come out of Microsoft adopting parts from Linux. I just really hope Linux won’t move in the direction of Windows in just about any way. Been running Linux solely for the last two years, now when I use Windows I bang my head against the table after 2-3 minutes, because the ‘user frindlyness’ hurts my brain. All the visual bullshit makes it counter intuitive, it’s slow to work with and, most annoyingly, it assumes what you want. Windows has become a pain in the arse.

Only one thing could make me consider installing it again, make pro version for professionals who knows how things work, that doesn’t need the user-friendly fluff.