Lightspeed web traffic workarounds

so our school has implemented lightspeed to try and block kids from using the internet to our hearts content... while their intentions may be good... personally i dont think they are... i consider this a form of internet censorship and will whole heartedly fight this. Another reason i want to bypass this is I can no longer browse the tek syndicate forums at school ;( ;( I have tried using multiple proxies, Ive tried using tor, Ive tried to make myself admin on the computer to disable lightspeed for my user, Ive tried writing a script to auto start when I logon that repeatedly ends the lightspeed processes. nothing is working. Please help.

also... my school has blocked running EXE files... I wrote a java program that can run them, but i cant get access to cmd or powershell.

EDIT: I tried google translate, it did not work.

TD;LR going to try a java based web browser... if that doesnt work... i guess we just have to deal with it.

It seems that lightspeed also utilizes a network based filtering. Deep packet inspection. I assume they block everything that way in addition to the local running process.

Its the great firewall of china.. uhm schools. Proxies wont help as you still have connect through the school network to the proxy (pc - network - filter - internet - proxy - internet).
As you are writing java apps... maybe you find a way to start up a VPN; I, for myself used SSH tunnelling back in school after they figured out that DNS level blocking did not work and started a DPI filter as well.

Is google translate blocked? Do you know where your server room is located?

yeah, they have to leave the JVM unblocked because our computer science class learns java. so i have been writing tiny apps that do different things, like find open ports, run exe files, open file dialogs to certain parts of a partition. (because they blocked all access to the C drive but if you access it through java you can still see it)

no. But i have tried the google translate trick and it hasnt worked.

Ouch.. Deep packet inspection and URL snooping. Do you know which ports are actually open and not blocked besides 80 and 443?

scanning for unused open ports i found almost anything above 16500 was unused. I know they blocked ssh... But we have an ftp client for the kids who are doing web programming... could i potentially ftp into my phone and access the internet that way?

EDIT: thats a dumb idea... never mind lol

If you have access to a machine outside the school network you can run any, really any service to use non standard ports. e.g. SSH on port 13456 stuff like that. Or you use your phone anyway? Do you only have school supplied PCs or personal Laptops as well?

they have started dishing out chrome books to certain students to test them out... I figured they would give them to a compsci class.... nope. they gave them to a math class... -_- my sister has one that ive been experimenting with. Crosh is not blocked however just about all the useful commands are. developer mode is blocked, network scanning is blocked. if you tamper with the boot menu it factory restores the chromebook... They are using linux against me :(

They have to have that stuff on there. It is a law. Just deal with it. School is for learning not goofing off online.

I do have an ssh server on my phone... but there is no way to get the computer connected to the server. (that i know of anyway) if i could install putty or cygwin it would work perfectly.

i cant learn if they block the tools i use to learn! as of yesterday we cant go on stack overflow because it is categorized as a forum... at least we can access the java API but i mean really...

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I truly understand why there are such blocking in place... yes. I do understand that schools may not tolerate students surfing on extremists-, porn-, what ever bad sites. But blocking everything that could lead to getting information that isn't pushed into the students heady by teachers is not good.

Its kinda like making our young generations used to not having any free access. If you train them early enough that censoring and blocking is normal, they will never know how it is without and never speak up as soon as its implemented nation wide.

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exactly what i was thinking when they implemented this... what is the point of having these computers if we cant do anything with it. what do they gain by blocking some of these things? god forbid i want to decompile my java .jar files. but wait... jd gui is blocked ...

Does your admin use the computers in the lab to log in or does he have an office?

i guess I should explain our network in some greater detail.

our domain is (not gonna use the actual name... cause its the internet. call me paranoid. whatever)

each student user is FL### where F is first initial L is last initial and ### is the last three digits of your student ID.

for teachers its Flastname F is first initial lastname is... you guessed it. their last name.

for administration its FLAdmin F is first initial L is last initial and Admin is just Admin.

so it doesnt matter which computer they log onto, what matters is the account they used to log onto the computer.

each student is given their own portion of a drive we call the Z drive. which is unique to their student log in. they set up an ftp over their website so we could access it at home as well.

teachers have the same thing but its the Y drive. they also have an X drive which hosts all the drop box accounts for the teachers.

then the C drive, which is completely blocked off to students... has all the proram data and such. teachers and admin have access to the C drive.

White list! It's a damn bad approach minimising the administrative expense. (Blocking the installing of programs, so on so forth) Literally rendering the PC a useless pile of metal and silicone for those that know what they could do with it if it was not locked down.

But see it from the perspective of the poor guy/gal that has to maintain a load of PCs where students (who give a shit about the PC, have no clue what they do, just want to be malicious) have enough rights to break the stuff. You'd be setting up PCs all day long, all the year - how to stop threats... don’t execute anything you don’t know.

It's as simple as it's sad. More than enough corporations also do that to keep their infrastructure save and supervise (spy) their employees

Exactly, if they log in on one of the lab computers that say, keep a log in java wink wink.

Oh gosh.. nice naming scheme... so you know whom to social engineer or target.

Though be careful, not that you get punished for some cyber crime (as I assume your US based) and get expelled. I expect a school that implements such draconian filtering and blocking has no humour as well and wont support a student that has proven to be more intelligent than the staff.

yeah I have been through all of that.. almost expelled... mike, our printer techy, told me about some of the changes our head of technology administrations was doing. i figured out one of the admins passwords my freshmen year before all this craziness... his password was his favorite brand of wine...

its a long story what happened but the gist is i was accused of hacking an admin account... though there was no hacking involved... the guy basically gave me his password... and i got suspended for the first 4 days of school. since it was over the summer. what a way to start the year...