Life o' Linux

I get bored. Like really bored. Nothing aroundhere is really about linux and that's what I come here to read about.

So, including everyone else who has linux and might be doing the same thing as me, what did you do today on your box.

I tried getting league of legends to work and it's being salty with me.


Not so said, if you look close enough....

I was trying LXC with ubuntu. But I thought, wanna make it easy for me. So i installed LXE gui from github on my 15.04 ubuntu and it worked.... Until I created an container and the web page broke.... So I repurpused an Intel Bay Trail as an testplatform. And gonna work on building an LXC with gui on top of it.


I didn't do anything on mine today. I only run Linux on my laptop as of right now and I didn't have a need for my laptop today.

I'm trying to get it to work on my desktop, but for whatever reason when I try to boot into a live USB it just won't go past the splash screen. I know the live USB works because it's what I used to install Linux on my laptop. Also I know for a fact my desktop's wireless adapter won't work in Linux, so I don't even know why I'm trying.

Have you tried other distro's and versions?

I like running Arma 3 and DOTA 2 on my linux box.

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do you have multiple displays hooked up? if you do unhook all but one.

Attempting to setup MAAS for the hell of it but having trouble commissioning nodes from the server. I was using Ubuntu 15.04 Server but I may switch to 14.04 LTS as it should be more stable and will hopefully work.

I was trying LXD over the weekend. Other than the occassional stopping issue and my understanding of networking/infrastucture, I couldn't get my project to roll accessible IP addresses.

Rapid deployment of lightweight VMs is awesome. I want to try hosting CS:GO servers dynamically.

Thats dumb. I installed with 2 monitors hooked up.

It is dumb but I can not install a fresh linux with all my screens plugged in it will not go past the boot screens, it has to do with my nvidia card, after i install drivers i can plug them all back in.

  • Manning and infoing as many commands as I can think of trying to become a linux wizard.
  • Poking around in my environment variables, .bashrc files trying to figure out how this system works.
  • Try to use sendip to send myself a TCP message.

Try something like Fedora that uses Wayland. :)

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X isn't all that bad of a system and in fact I prefer it just because I can install a linux system on my Pentium II MMX box that was the first computer I ever had and be able to use the ATi MACH64 VT card in it.

I don't like the rpm package distos. And it is only a problem when I reinstall not that big of a deal

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OpenSUSE is pretty great though. Zypper handles packages almost as good as pacman. I still like arch more though :P

Running Debian Jessie (8.2)

I created a VPN tunnel between the system, and three other locations.
Got LXC set up and created a Virtual machine that runs Asterisk PBX. Tied the PBX into three other locations.

Used Arno-Iptables-Firewall to protect everything, and this system also is acting as the gateway router to connect this office to the rest of the universe.

EDIT: Oh, also, I did half of the initial setup headless (no monitor)


Jesus Qain do you do coqain to do all your work?! :P


At the moment I'm playing with a Dell xeon workstation from 2002. It would have been ahead of computers till about 2008. I'm thinking of putting a GTX 9800 in it to see what happens.

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No, there is only one of me.


For the wireless issue I've tried Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Sparky, and Bodhi. I might try Manjaro, but I'd like to stick with Ubuntu-based if possible. It's just what I grew up with so I like it the most. It's a WNA3100, and I've found a couple different threads where people fixed it using ndiswrapper. So I tried it and it would connect, but as soon as I opened up a browser and tried to load a webpage it would drop. I've also tried using wicd instead of the default network manager and it still did the same thing.

Yes I have two. I think I might have already tried that but I can't remember. I'll try it again.