LevelOneTechs Phone App

Who else thinks that it would be pretty cool to make a web based app for levelonetechs? .... Just an idea...

this and the last tek forum already covered the reasons against this at the current time

I remember I raised this subject a good few years ago, but I'm not sure why it would be impossible as of now. I mean if it were open source and the community would/could chip in, surely it could be done then?

This was recently briefly discussed in this thread where OP @DarkWasher suggested the first thing to do is to compile a list of features we'd like to see. Features for fuctions that are either missing or complicated to do on a mobile browser (my suggestion to the criteria of what features to incorporate, but other criteria are also mentioned in the thread.)

@Avendor7 linked to previous efforts to develop an app, which is here.

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I brought it up a month ago.

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There's a discourse app that sends push notifications, if that's what you guys want

I got some more details from @jean1880 about why the app was having issues.It had to do with browser cookies. There wasn't a good way of dealing with them in Cordova therefore you couldn't log in. Maybe that has changed since then, I don't know.

Also it was built in Angular 1 for the speed benefits over using the Tek Syndicate website at the time. The Level 1 Techs forum is much faster now.

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I suggest we open an official thread to post and suggest exclusive features for the app. I don't know any programming but does who do I want can start building it and upload it to Git hub for anyone to test it. Plus, it will be built by the community for the community.
Does anyone agree?

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I second that idea!

I wouldn't mind trying to contribute, but one of the first things we're gonna have to agree on is what technologies will be used to implement such an application. I could contribute something in terms of coding, I'm no pro, I'm a beginner, but I'd say I'm a pretty quick learner, and I'm not terrible, I mean I can do a tonne of GUI stuff. After completing one project, I feel like a Java Swing pro, but obviously, I'm not... :')