Level1Techs KVM

Is there a way to force the audio port only to cycle?

For instance, I’d like to play music on my personal computer while I use my work laptop. I know I can turn off auto switching, and/or can set audio to static, to leave the audio selected on my PC but I don’t think there’s a way to push the audio selection away from my work laptop.

There isn’t. The static audio selection is the only option at the moment.

@wendell Any chance we could add a feature to the firmware, or is that asking too much?

no not really but for my own use I just take the line out of one PC to the line in of the other and mix that way


I just leave the audio direct-connected. Speakers to my desktop, headphones to the USB DAC through KVM, so they’re on whatever I’m currently using. I’ll lock USB3 if I’m in a meeting or voice call with someone though.

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Thanks all. I guess I’ll just get a 3.5mm audio selector and not run anything through the KVM, although it’s not ideal.

I can’t hook up speakers because I share the home office with my SO.

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