Level1's SgtAwesomeSauce on Cloud Engineering

As some of you know, I own and host a weekly/semi-monthly podcast discussing topics in systems engineering, networking, automation, and DevOps.

We’ve changed a lot this year, evolving our show with our careers. Toward the end of this year, we’ve managed to beg, plead, and con a few guest hosts to act as SMEs on the show :wink:

@SgtAwesomesauce was kind enough to be one of those guests! We were very excited and deeply appreciative to have him lend a great deal of his time to discuss things like Linux, working the start-up life, private versus public cloud, and projects.

@Eden @wendell @Dje4321, @BGL, @ anyone else that loves and works with Linux and Cloud, and @ everyone I’m forgetting :wink: Check it out and beam with pride.


We’re on stitcher and Pocketcast, too. Stitcher usually takes a day or so to update :grin:


I didn’t know!

Thanks for sharing, I’ll definitely take a look. I’m not even remotely working in any of the mentioned fields (except maybe automation) but I always enjoy to learn something new. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I wasn’t aware you had a podcast. I’m listening to it now, thanks for the heads up :smiley:

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Let me know if you have any feedback. You can leave a review or just message me directly :wink:

Coming up on a year. The early episodes had poor audio, and we’ve missed a few weeks due to life things. But, the team is reinvigorated and we’re starting to get more serious about content creation. Let me know what you think!

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I’ll let you know if you were able to dumb it down enough for someone like me :wink:.

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Something to listen too while I am work bored, cheers man!

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A really nicely done interview. As you asked for feedback, the main negative point that stands out are the variations in audio levels between the three of you. Otherwise a well done podcast.

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Appreciate that, and you’re not the first to mention that. I’ve been working to improve the audio.

My audio is by far the worst, and I don’t know what to do to fix it :man_shrugging: I’m basically brushing my lips on the mic when I’m talking. The headphones are really good which make it hard to tell if I’m screaming or not.

It’s been knocked over a few times by me and the cats, and I’m pretty sure it was damaged in the move. Maybe Santa will bring me a new mic for Christmas :smirk:

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So, you probably can’t increase the gain right? Audio quality by itself is allright, maybe it would help to monitor audio levels on the screen when recording.

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Test before hand :smiley: what are you using for the call?


We used discord. To me it sounded like @AnotherDev was a bit over-processed, but I’m not an audio pro.

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I liked the “dun dun” at the beginning.


Its worth testing before hand then, audio levels can be adjusted for each person by the recorder.

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In classic Ozzy Osbourne voice: “AdminDev on Lead Guitar!” :wink:

I do that :confounded: – Everyone is in yellow/red, I’m in green. If I scream I get into the yellow or red range, but I can’t keep that volume, my wife will start banging on the wall lol.

I do, the mic quality has steadily gone down hill. I guess it couldn’t take too many hits. It’s a decent mic, too. Blue YETI.

Hm… I’ll look into this. Surprisingly the ffmpeg didn’t have any difference in the max gain, which is unusual.

The only way I can capture system audio is with OBS. I think it’s because I’m either lacking a sound card or have no idea what I’m doing :joy:

I record the show at MP4 with OBS and convert it to MP3 using FFMPEG. After that I upload it to the RSS server.


You should be able to adjust individual audio levels in discord before obs records it.

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Yeah, I do that, otherwise Phil’s booming Bostonian voice drowns us out.

I’ll do a audio check throughout the week and see if I can nail it. I just moved the “recording studio” from Windows 10 to Debian Stretch so I might have … more … control? :confused:

I think it might be a mic thing, I know someone who got that specific mic on sale while I was trying to get him not to buy it, and he always sounds quiet.

I was trying to get him to buy something cheaper since I know he doesn’t do podcasting at all.

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How unfortunate if that’s the case. Every resource I could find told me to buy it for Podcasting lol :tired_face:

Doesn’t the mic have multiple settings on the hardware? I would look at those first, figure out if that’s your problem. You should just be able to loop the sound back to your headphones for this test.

I think it is great for podcasting if everyone is in the same room, what you could probably do is adjust the recording software and individual people’s volume level in Discord.

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