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Did you feed the rest of those tide pods to @kreestuh?


2:03 - Intel plans to release chips that have built-in Meltdown and Spectre protections later this year

I can’t help but imagine:

Intel: look here, new silicon free of Meltdown!
Customers: That’s literally a pile of sand. I can’t execute anything on it.
Intel: but neither can your adversary!

29:08 - I see what you did there @ryan

an iPhone X is what, worth a 1000 dollars? Is that grand theft?

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I live in Montana atm, Charter here, 100mbs for 60 a month, no data caps at all. In “cities” data on cells is fine, in the sticks reality and thought coincide and its spotty at best, but that’s a plus in my world.

@ryan @wendell Just wondering, how many Randy’s are there in american law enforcement.
and more important, how many randy’s are creating ai for mass consumption.

Just wondering …

So the rss feed is only 7 minutes long

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(AT&T “bill of rights”)

Remember when state Attorney Generals threatened to sue the FCC? Correlation maybe?

(Hotmail rate increases)

That’s one of the most blatant scams I’ve heard of. These things always point to fiduciary responsibility to increase market value of stocks. Sure it’s an irrelevant data point; but it probably allows them to raise rates on a larger number of people, than if they were to use a more relevant one. I’m pretty sure if you check a history of their stock prices, there will be a bit of a punctuated equilibrium preceding it. It reeks of desperation.

(GPU shortage)

That’s a pretty serious issue for the time being. There’s not only lack of financial incentive to grow crypto-mining networks, there’s also a shortage of hardware. That being said, mining wrecks hardware. The heat wall is a real problem. So is the energy usage. It’s bad enough now that it may be concerning for the future.

(AI interface)

My intuition is that, even if it works well enough, they’ll still spend ten years dumbing it down. :rofl:

(Boring Flame Thrower)

It’s a brilliant promotional stunt (mainly because it’s kind of working… for some reason). It’s shenanigans. It’s not a real flame thrower. It’s a fairly nice propane torch in futuristic rifle form.

lol it’s literally a Harbor Freight $20 Weed burner in a plastic case that appeals to 'Murica

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Similar thing happened last week, with an update sent out later. Here’s hoping it’ll come before long

For the replaceable battery law… make it apply to devices that have a msrp higher than $50 USD.

Someone should start a chart of how many times each video @wendell says, "I just… I dunno…"
Maybe find what it correlates to?

The ice on spaceships (1:14:20) is in one of my favorite sci-fi sagas.

@wendell FYI the download is only the first 8 min again.

The “it’s just… I don’t know, it’s fine…” drinking game.


I’d love to see that motorcycle at the Isle of Man TT.

Wait… so someone made a user friendly porn gooey?

2 minutes to midnight!

Seems funny to me regulators are trying to get involved in how Apple make their products. I guess there are good reasons if the product is dangerous or an outright scam.
But it’s iPhone, supposedly the best phone ever.

Correction: The cold war ended in 1991, what you two are thinking of in 1979 was the ‘SALT II’ Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty.
Also a fun little note, the Boring Company Flamethrower is a reference to Spaceballs.

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“sudo youtube-dl https://youtu.be/dVVaMnlYSoo” for video add -f m4a for audio only


I usually listen through my podcast app while working in the shop. I thought maybe the CIA shut down the feed today :wink: Hopefully it will be fixed soon.


Deep Fakes story should of had butterface included…

The San Francisco raid:

No… No paperwork. Just sprinkle some crack on him and get outta here. :policeman:

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