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Governor Moonbat had them change the law on grand theft such that the threshold is $950, specifically because of the demographics of who are the most prevalent iPhone thieves. Now that phones are exceeding that price, expect that it will be increased again, and soon.

It’s so bad, and the demographics about who commit the crimes are so damning, that BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) won’t release surveillance video of crimes committed, because it would cause harm to that demographic.

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@ryan really kicks ass this episode, enjoyed it thoroughly.

On 2 minutes to midnight:

We will now start using a higher resolution clock, in seconds, which will coincidentally give us the correct impression of being whole two circles away from destruction, which is certainly more than a 2/60 of a circle, and simply looks better on a deep emotional level.

For sure, when you can’t handle something, the unit of measure matters more than the matters measured, as if to make it farther away by any means possible and impossible. Changing the unit might just be the right medicine so we can get back to doing far more important things.

Like whatever do you guys have in that glass on the desk - it sure looks tasty :slight_smile: ?

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It seems Amazon, FB (, other large corporations) are doing their damnedest to keep the public from knowing about boondoggle negotiations concerning them ‘offering’ to come to a county/state in exchange for tax rebates/subsidies/other forms of public money; demanding that any FOIA request is forwarded to them at least (‘sufficient[ly soon to allow them] to “seek a protective order or other appropriate remedy.”’) All to ensure people don’t have time to make known objections against this corporate socialism/welfare, I imagine.

CJR: Big tech’s bid to control FOIA