Level1 Techs Folding@Home Team

Hey guys,

@wendell made us a Level1 Techs Folding@Home Team! I know we had an old TS one that pretty much died, so this one is new and improved and bearing the L1T name!

Team Number: 232084
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Client Download
(Windows, Mac, and Linux clients available. Browser-only client available as well.)

What is Folding@Home?
Folding@Home is a software that you can run to help simulate portions of protein folding. The results are sent back to the centralized hub at Stanford and are used in research projects all over the country. Protein misfolding has been implicated in many diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, cancer, mad cow disease, and more. Because proteins are such incredibly complex structures, and modeling all their potential interactions, foldings, and misfoldings would require such a massive amount of computing power, it’s virtually impossible to do, especially among smaller labs that don’t focus specifically in computer modeling. However, Folding@Home is able to link together tons of smaller contributors (like us) and use our computers to help run these simulations. Researchers can submit specific scenarios they would like to test, and the F@H client will run those simulations.

Will this slow down my PC?
It doesn’t need to. You can set limits on the resource usage of Folding@Home, and you can also set it only to run when your PC is idle. If you tried F@H in the past and were annoyed by constantly having to disable it every time you wanted to use your PC, the new idle feature is a lifesaver. There’s been many updates to the client, improving it a lot, so I highly recommend checking it out again if you have in the past.

Will this use lots of electricity?
From their website:

Roughly, a CPU uses about as much power (watts) as a typical light bulb. Although power supplies on most computers are rated at 400 watts, average usage is lower. On average, a Pentium-type computer uses about 100 watts (if the monitor is off). So, the daily difference between off and running FAH is about 24Ă—100 = 2.4 kWh. At $0.15 per kWh ( from PG&E here in California), this works out to about $0.36 per day. In general, lighting and climate control use a much larger share of household power than computers do. So the best bet for cutting costs and conserving energy would be to turn off lights, turn off your computer monitors (which use more power than a CPU), and turn down the heat.

To see performance for GPUs, look here:

Can I run this on Linux?
Yes. There are both 64 and 32 bit clients for Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, CentOS, Fedora and Redhat available here.

Thanks again to Wendell for taking the time to set up the Level1Techs team as well!

EDIT: For the influx of people wanting to contribute in some form to the Coronavirus research, if there aren’t enough F@H workunits to go around, I highly recommend checking out the interactive FoldIt game, where you can help design proteins that fight Coronavirus:


Cool, got it running!


This seem to be somthing interesting to have my computers do while their not being used, seeing as they're left on anyway.

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Yeah, I have a PC that's almost always on that I use to run it on low.

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Just joined! :) I have had my own Folding team for my blog for years: http://fah-web.stanford.edu/cgi-bin/main.py?qtype=teampage&teamnum=218845

Figured I should contribute to another team for a change.


Ok, my old AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ says it will earn 2K a day. We will see how it's cooling stands up to this

Any idea if the debian package will install on Kali?

Probably. Give it a try.

Fails on my 1070 after a few seconds :( Info is sparse but seems it might be an ongoing driver issue

Edit: Rolling back to ancient 373.06 works

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Sweet! I've run F@H off and on for several years for different teams. I'll be getting it back up and running and fold for Level1 Techs ASAP. Thanks for letting us know @COGlory!

Sorry, Barnacules. Looks like I'm changing teams.


(hmm ... how about that for a T-shirt caption?)

Now I need to figure out what's wrong with my 1070. I'm getting 95-100K ppd, and the card should be able to hit 700K according to overclock.net. I'll settle for 500K


Joined on as many devices as I have.

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Unless it takes a while to ramp up I'm only sitting at 29k atm on my 1070 laptop version.

Check your driver. Nvidia broke folding on any driver newer than 373.06

hmm, need some extra heat this winter, i'll set it up when i get home.


Appears to be my issue as well.

372.70 , so that's not the problem either.
I only download drivers when formatting the PC and even then I sometimes just install the old one if I still have that installer, so my drivers are usually quite a bit out of date.

Methinks I'm going to format the PC over the weekend and mess about with drivers to see if that makes a difference.
I need to wipe the SSDs anyway, my RAID5 array has been degraded for months now (one of the SSDs got kicked due to CRC errors), so I'll be killing 2 birds with one stone.

EDIT : Darn, here's another one. User at LTT is complaining that his 1070 only folds at base clock. He's getting 700K PPD.

Grrrr ...

My 780 only get 50k ppd, it should get like over 120k ppd or something. Is it driver issues or something?

Ignorantly runs great so far! First time I've done this since the PS3 had the Folding feature.


Somebody should make a bot-net that contributes...