Level1 News October 19 2018: Hubble, Hubble, Gyroscopic Trouble

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Third, one of these days I’ll be first…

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That’s what she said





The service animal / hamster flush story nearly had me in tears.


Im sorry to tell you but nope there is no replacement for this visible light telescope, the planned replacement is the James Webb Space Telescope and is only scheduled for launch at march 2021

and sorry krista due to the way the telescope is designed it cant see close objects in our solar system so no pluto for hubble

I thought she was picking where to crash land it… not where to look

thats ambitious but it doesnt have propellant to move if you want to crash it on earth or burn it in the atmosphere

but im pretty sure she meant what it should be left pointing at

listened to it again… and you are correct

There needs to be some hard testing on the Cialis vape, this could be a hairy situation.

Re: IBM Foundry Question

@wendell I found a mention from a Next Platform author, that IBM’s foundry for it’s next processors will be Samsung:

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Hah, I knew it. Good to know thanks


It is merely a comment, but it’s from the author of the article; and it makes sense; as @ajc9988 mentioned, IBM has a history of sharing foundry research with GlobalFoundries and Samsung, so with the former out of the running for bleeding edge nodes, it makes sense they’d go with Samsung.