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Level1 News November 28 2018: Ceci n'est pas un Bitcoin | Level One Techs



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for the coming ipad video, would like to see some complete tech noobs who never used a tablet try to use the ipad. someones grandma who only uses facebook and email and doesnt know “why would anyone lie about being a prince in africa?”. i think apples strength is that i can(and did) give a ipad to a older relative who types with only her index fingers and thought a pc was broken for months because she couldnt find the on button, and after the first week or two i rarely need to get involved.
seeing how quickly a couple people can pick up product one vs android tablet whatever and windows surface and how often do they need help would help when picking something for your parents/grandparents/ect on christmas.


Video here, get ya video!


Beds… I just bought the Nectar bed, very happy with it.


I think the main problem with BitCoin is their “tyrannie de la majorité” brand of Democranomics. The miners are the vast majority; and so their interests come first. I guess that they don’t get that it’s not in their interest to deprecate their entire system. They are after all competing with other tokens now.

I wouldn’t suggest investing in BitCoin unless there becomes some serious reform on the horizon. This isn’t just because of the issued policies; but also because it’s nascent stage technology. It needs to show it’s dynamics. Otherwise, it’s likely to be a dying old boys club.


Has anyone got a story about the Snapchat people being audited?


are you hoping you aren’t on the list to be audited?


With the money I’m making from the lemons and all…


I realise this was talked about a while ago, can’t remember which episode it was in.
But on the topic of AI in the chemical laboratory, there was an article on automating processes! Here

Looking forward to Tuesday.


time to use the addon that was just removed from the firefox addon section that will fix the paywalls