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Level1 News July 10 2018: Let My People Cancel! | Level One Techs


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I have concluded that if you like red, blue makes you kinda lose energy, depressed
While if you really like blue, red seems like some psycho color

Its interesting when everyones perspectives are set to spectrum ball, and its oddly patterned

Maybe I will be brave enough to post tiny theory about whole spectrum, and ofc edit it 200 times


(ZTE nonsense)

That’s the true weakness of Socialism; where a country can behead a company under the guise of diplomacy.


Green is perfectly good color; that is underused.


Ryan’s politics make me sick at times including in this episode but I still watch. I like the format and at times you give me a chuckle so yeah. As for content hell if I remember what you talked about but it was all bad stuff which the world is full of. Shocking eh?


Socialism works so well in many other countries if you haven’t noticed. Maybe get informed and look at the rest of the world. Also gosh forbid mankind cares about having a better world for all that give a damn about others. Die commerce die.


Name one


That may be true, but only in small countries who are bankrolled by larger countries, and in countries whose population is extremely homogeneous.

Most, if not all, people care about having a better world, we just disagree on how to get there. It’s very polarizing when you forget that almost everyone is fighting for the same thing.

For example: I strongly disagree that socialism is a moral standard for government, but I still want to help those in need.

Now, let’s be wary of the politics rule and try not to get too heated.


Do your own research.

(See @sgtawesomesauce I am already having it not get too heated.)


@CPUBG Maybe you should remember that Ryan is a quite skilled as a troll and has tryed to piss of europians and non usa people, before.
i have responded to that by challenging him, in the patreon comments, to do a rant 30 or something similar, so that we could react to him only, but he never did.
its better to ignore trolls


Feel free to move to one


They generally don’t just let anyone in :joy:


If by works so well you mean taking a day off work to stand in line and buy groceries, I agree! <3


As a side note, I think the dashcam database for “bad drivers” has more cons than pros.


Thats why Ryans idea of only using it for turn signal violations is so awesome


Lmao I died. I have a removed family member that was that person. They’d commit assault because someone didn’t use a signal. Meanwhile, they’ve physically intimidated/attacked someone, violated arguably worse traffic laws (running red lights, failing to merge, not yielding to traffic) just to prove a point and tell someone they were a bad driver.

Good times.


It’s a news show, broham. They talk about news, which is dripping with political dialogue and heavily biased no matter what source you use.

I do agree with your main point, though: I’d much rather see more Level1Linux content or their Level1Enterprise (can’t recall the exact name).

For what it is, they’re really entertaining and they’re not the overwhelming abundance of garbage that’s out there. If you want to listen to solving the world’s problems through killing capitalism or whatever, there are 10,000 other shows out there that do it. However, under the hood they’re just as snide and snobbish as you find this, just in the other direction.

Just my $14 on the matter (keep up with inflation, knowwhatimsayin)


What is it that you define as socialism? maybe it is something else than I think of?
Because the socialism I know doesn’t work well in any country.


@ScientificSocialist and everyone else

There is a political chat channel on the level 1 discord. There you may do as you wish.



The most “successful” socialist country now is China; and they have the same economic issues we have. They also have overpopulation, rampant air pollution, even worse disparity, and little to no personal liberties.

I’ve educated myself and done more than my share of research. It’s here for free; for all.

Maybe you should try economic ontology instead of drinking the political kool aid.


Thanks, didn’t actually know that