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Level1 News July 10 2018: Let My People Cancel! | Level One Techs


Thankfully we actually created a remedy for blue light syndrome.


I am in a country that believes in socialism. Also I guarantee you are in a country where the most popular programs are socialist programs.


They call China a socialist country but I don’t think they are a fine example. They don’t have the freedoms that other countries have that adopt those sort of policies.


Get informed …

and this wasn’t supposed to turn into a political discussion as all I said is I didn’t appreciate Ryan’s politics when presented on the show. I did not mention anything specific. Also like someone else mentioned though if they don’t like us talking politics here or anywhere else on the site pretty hard not to when that is what they talk about much of the time.


Do you not realize every single week there is a political tie into many of their stories? Also this week for me Ryan finally got under my skin with his politics and so I mentioned it but I didn’t get into anything specific in my initial post so whatever. As for Level 1 Discord sorry but I don’t use that and for the 8 likes you got for your post these people are being quite stupid if they think we should not be able to comment in this thread on what was said on the show that related to politics.


Ok you choose one.


The info. was already shared by me. I am done with this. Have a nice day.


Yes and I don’t care. I haven’t watched the show in a while, tech news is boring right now.

Well, that’s your option, take it or leave it. Politics will not make a return to the greater forum and will be limited to the lounge at most. This forum is largely incapable of handling itself when users disagree on most topics.

Classic “everyone that agrees with kewldude is dumb” post




You seem to think that people are uninformed because they don’t agree with you. Terrible. I’ll say to you, please get informed.

Anyway, the site you link to does not even claim to give examples of good socialistic countries. It claims to lists some of the most socialistic. notice the difference of socialism and being the most socialistic.

They do not even list some of the most socialistic countries, countries which are a lot more socialistic than most on the list.Venezuela for example, sits on vast natural resources, was doing well, then the leaders went to socialistic and brought the country to disaster. North Korea is another example which is a lot more socialistic. China is also doing well partly because of it reducing the socialism that was present, with the free trading zones for example, with little to no tax.

Socialism and being the most socialistic is way different.


False statement with your first sentence. No need for me to go on and address anything else you said. Also if you saw my first post I was making a statement about the show and not trying to discuss politics with anyone on here. Have a nice day.