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Level 1 Gains


Language barrier; in english you don’t lift but withdraw cash
Great joke tho :rofl:


While y’all talking I already ate like an absolut unit

The game plan is to establesh a routine that works AND is sustainable and works for YOU!

In my example its no carbs no sugar no bullshit.

Also: lifting some weights at home.


Oh man, I remember eating steak and eggs for breakfast :tired_face: The life I’ll never have again (at least not for a while…).

Good stuff though. I usually go with a liquid breakfast because I’ll throw up with solids and physical activity. 2nd breakfast is hearty, lunch is usually greens, dinner is hearty.

Anyone in here exercise in the morning versus at night after work/school?


I do like to workout in the mourning but my commute is kinda long so i can’t do it in the morning, but maybe, if i get serious enough, i maybe could go to bet earlier and wake up earlier and GET AFTER IT.


Around lunch time is the sweet spot for me.

When I had a 24h gym I would sometimes go after midnight or before sunrise.




This kills me, I’m already tired after lunchtime so throw a workout in at that time and my productivity is gone.


Damn, light workouts early afternoon always do it for me.


We need to get serious about this.

Sit down, listen and shut up, Bucko:


Will listen on the train home. Just resub’d on my work discount for 24-Hour Fitness. It’s across the street from my job. We 2-a-day now, boyos (and girlos).


my employer also offers a gym thingy but HR is still in the talks about conditions and pricing, as soon as that dops, im going in hard.


Timestamped to get right at the core:





I love Joe Rogan’s take on health and exercise:

If you can control what you eat, you can control all other aspects of your life.

That is huge, for so many people. He’s one of those rare people that appreciates a plant-based diet while being a lean meat eater. Best of both worlds, in my opinion.

Having the discipline to deny donuts, or the all you can eat, or the extra large fry takes you places that takes a moment to see how far you’ve gone.


all the bad things


Maxes are a cool metric, I guess.

I’ve got a 283 wilks right now, but I haven’t checked my maxes in three months.


Late night snack. Fuck clean eating.


Ido Portal was probably my biggest inspiration to get fit.


Damn son, you on that endurance time? My BEST lifts from like 10 years ago are a 263 :joy:


I’ve been looking for a power rack to throw in the garage.